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lawz_21, Nov 3, 5:07am
hello i have seen on some facebook groups a number of people who sell baking. I am looking at go as some things I enjoy making i have not seen listed.
I was wondering what do you package them in to give to the person!

vampiriousmist, Nov 3, 5:19am
Legally to sell baking it needs to be made in a commercial or licensed kitchen. If I were to sell my baking though, I would put cakes in boxes and say a cupcake in cellophane bags or a box. Cookies or single slices - cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon, with perhaps a tag stating what the item was, that iit was made by me, and the ingredients :)
Hope this helps - nice packaging can make all the difference !

uli, Nov 3, 5:22am
Try not to sell stuff from your private kitchen. Sooner or later you will get problems. You need a licensed kitchen to do that legally. You will also have to keep books and pay tax on your income. IRD is quite up to these little schemes by now, so don't take any risks and lose money.

vampiriousmist, Nov 3, 5:25am
One of my bosses at work actually asked me if I do sell my baking ! I said no, but I wish I could :P If only work would let me bake their ! haha

lawz_21, Nov 3, 5:28am
oh wow i didnt think it was a problem as lots of people do it in groups im in. hmmm might just make some to take up to car boot sales then

vampiriousmist, Nov 3, 5:31am
If you do that be very careful. I believe you even have to have a licence to sell baked goods at school fairs and fundraisers!

uli, Nov 3, 5:32am
The law is the same for car boot sales .

As soon as you sell - get money for your goods - then you have to adhere to the rules.

And don't think IRD doesn't know about car boot sales . I have seen them take photos of car number plates at several markets where I have sold stuff!

lawz_21, Nov 3, 5:43am
ayyyee thats crazy theres a few people who sell food at the one we go to!

uli, Nov 3, 5:48am
Sure they will sell until they get caught out.
Why do you want to do that!
You want to earn money - right!
Not lose it!

elliehen, Nov 3, 6:06am
And they were wearing high visibility vests with the letters IRD on them like the FBI in American gangster movies.yeah right!

antoniab, Nov 3, 6:11am
Id just do it tbh, whos going to nark! I dont tell IRD about my private gardening jobs (shock horror) just dont tell them about your baking :) Probably really rubbish advice but Im just being honest lol

lawz_21, Nov 3, 7:07am
thanks :) thats what i was thinking i mean its only going to be the odd one or 2 i do anyway as it fits with my work and i never tell ird if i do baby sitting or anything

uli, Nov 3, 7:09am
Haha - no they didn't. They were 3 guys in black clothing, looking cool . and photographing all the cars number plates and sometimes approaching stall holders for names and addresses showing their IRD plaques.

uli, Nov 3, 7:12am
And you really think posting this here is going to help LOL :)

I have the feeling lots of people haven't got a clue how much this TM site is "policed".

There is MAF checking for illegal plants or animals, there is IRD checking for people making money which they do not declare . I think you are really naive thinking you will get away with posting stuff like this on here.

elsielaurie1, Nov 3, 7:55am
For the 'protection' of the public.this law was passed. Not everyone is as clean with their hygiene as you would expect them to be. Hence the law stipulates a 'registered' kitchen.I don't think it's worth it to try to sell and hope not to be detected.

medicina, Nov 3, 9:15am
Radar on one of his home-grown programmes purchased a lovely jar that came with free jam.I guess that's a way to go --giveaway baking and have a donation box or an overpriced container.

elliehen, Nov 3, 9:58am
Is that why you left in a hurry and had all your posts deleted after you shared too much information about your ACC encounters!

kuaka, Nov 3, 10:28am
Well I know a while back one of our local op shops was told they weren't allowed to sell the home made jams and chutneys which someone used to make and donate to them to raise funds for hospice.There was a big stink about it in the local papers, and the battle dragged on for several weeks, but was eventually resolved.I can't remember now if the ladies who made the preserves managed to find a commercial kitchen to use or what happened, but they are now selling it again as far as I know.I thought as well as making the stuff in a commercial kitchen, does the "baker" need to have a food hygiene certificate as well!

pickles7, Nov 3, 10:41am
Your pupils didn't Dilate. Relax

pickles7, Nov 3, 10:57am
I had to report some jam myself, at a Church op shop.
The lids were so rusty and the jars were so old.
I had a friend who used to give her old preserves to fund raise at the local school, anything that they did not like etc. it was very dodgy stuff if you new her. Makes me shudder.

kuaka, Nov 3, 11:04am
This wasn't like that at all - I can imagine the sort of thing you are referring to - this was all beautiful looking stuff, lovely clean jars, beautifully labelled and presented, and very popular.Used to sell very quickly.The locals were very upset when they weren't able to buy it.As I said, it was resolved, but I can't remember how.Someone pointed out, that as they are "preserves" they are unlikely to harbour any nasties.

carlosjackal, Nov 3, 6:59pm
Now that's what I call thinking outside the square/box! Smart move!

uli, Nov 3, 10:00pm
I left here for some months because I couldn't stand your constant bickering ellie. I have enough on my plate without your "attentions". It looks like you are trying hard again to shove me out.

elliehen, Nov 3, 10:27pm
Cool black clothing!Men in Black! They were probably a film crew shooting a TV episode or a group of uni students doing a capping week stunt ;)

davidt4, Nov 3, 11:21pm
I find it best to ignore the constant pecking uli.You won't miss anything of value.

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