Cup Cake Papers

la_laa1, Oct 25, 12:15am
Hi, was wondering if anyone knew where I could find standard sized cup cake papers that are plain very bright colours, or clear so that the colour of the actual cake shows through! any advise would be great.

accroul, Oct 25, 12:31am
I use 'Mrs Rogers' papers from Countdown. colours in the pack are red, yellow, pink, blue & green (all bright) no idea about clear though sorry

kinna54, Oct 25, 3:28am
$2 shops often have them.or some of the party shops.

sarahb5, Oct 25, 8:11pm
I use Mrs Rogers - they're the best - and I think you can also get undyed plain greaseproof ones which, once cooked, would be fairly transparent

auntlb, Oct 25, 8:24pm
Stevens sometimes have them

sarahb5, Oct 25, 8:36pm
I've never seen greaseproof cases at Stevens - just the fancy-schmancy ones

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