Storing Pineapple Xmas Cake?

rumpelstiltskin, Oct 23, 4:12am
The Holst website provides advice about how to store Pineapple Xmas Cake so it doesn't "sweat" or mould.Do you have any other special recommendations for storage so that the Pineapple Xmas Cake will last well between now and Xmas!Thanks in advance!

uli, Oct 23, 5:01am
Why would it last!
Eat it NOW!

gardie, Oct 23, 5:03am
I have found that this cake goes 'off', that is, ferments, in a relatively short length of time.To keep it longer, I'd be wrapping in a few layers of gladwrap, sealing in a plastic bag and freezing.

rumpelstiltskin, Oct 23, 6:39am
Thank you, freezing may be the way to go! (Now wondering how you can tell if it is starting to ferment though!)

uli, Oct 24, 5:27am
If it tastes like alcohol it is fermenting.
I would freeze it.

kinna54, Oct 24, 5:38am
Definitely freeze.the pineapple recipe I know of is designed to be made roughly in the last week, and eaten fast! Once you do thaw it, use it quickly.
How long since you made it!
I would do a smell and taste test, if it smells sort of yeasty, alcohol, or tastes slightly fizzy on the tongue get rid.
I had severe food poisioning once from pineapple in a purchased takeaway product. Pineapple is one of the worst things to cause food poisoning.

macandrosie, Oct 24, 6:03am
I use an Alison Holst recipe that has crushed pineapple in it. I have made it for years & never had it going off. I've just made mine today & it's going into the freezer till I ice it a week before Christmas. I think if it goes off it's because it may be too moist. There could be 2 reasons for this. The size of eggs you use. There's a big difference between a size 6 & 8 egg. If you are using larger eggs it might be a good idea to cut out one. Also the recipe says to use drained crushed pineapple. The recipe I use is cooked very slowly at 110C for about 6-7 hours.

nauru, Oct 24, 6:10am
I found that this cake kept quite well in the fridge. I just wrapped it in lunchwrap and stored it in a plastic cake container.

calista, Oct 24, 7:55am
I've made it several times for my brothers- I don't think it lasted long enough to ferment.

rumpelstiltskin, Oct 24, 9:55am
Thank you all for your advice and suggestions - very helpful!

lynja, Oct 24, 6:28pm
definately freeze. i do this with my christmas cake every year. perfect.

bunny51, Oct 24, 9:54pm
I made that cake early one year(Won/t do that again unless I freeze it!)

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