Wanting to do a number 10 lego cake help please

k.b.moss, Oct 10, 11:47pm
I'm wanting to my son a number 10 lego cake instead of a plain 10. and prob use fondant. Have you got any pics to share, i've googled but not found an actual 10 cake please help

asue, Oct 11, 3:24am
I would just make an iced 10 cake and buy new mini bits of leggo he can keep after and use and decorate it with them and lollies.

ace441, Oct 11, 11:15am
http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/building-blocks-cakes/ca36541e-624c-48af-ab78-68ef256e8903 and I had a friend who did a cool thing for her son's 8th birthday - she washed the bigger lego blocks and used them as jelly moulds to make lego jelly blocks.

kiwitrish, Oct 11, 7:28pm

kiwibubbles, Oct 12, 8:26pm
yeah i would just do a lego shaped cake with buttercream or similar, instead of making a number 10 cake with lego on top!

kiwibubbles, Oct 12, 8:26pm
and i LOVE those lego head cake pops hahaha

duckmoon, Oct 12, 8:33pm
I think you have made it hard want both Lego and number ten.Lego isn't big on curves .

I woul aim for aLego brick(s) cake with writing on top or on the presenting tray

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