Honey rice bubble slice recipe

jude321, Oct 19, 3:11am
hi guys,, does anyone have the recipie for good old honey rice bubble slice! i no itseasy but dont have it,, thorght id get the kids to make it. thanks heaps.

summer04, Oct 19, 3:20am
To the left of screen under keyword or member: write rice bubble and under date posted; put in 1 year this recipe is there.

jessie981, Oct 19, 5:09am
Rice Bubble slice
125gr butter
125gr sugar
2TBSPs honey or golden syrup
Bring to boil & simmer 5min. Remove from heat & add 5c Rice bubbles. Pour into a sponge roll tin. Cut while warm

gardie, Oct 19, 7:00am
3 ozs butter, 3 tsp honey, 3 tablespoons brown sugar - bring to boil and simmer for 4 minutes.Remove from heat and stir in 3 cups rice bubbles.Spread into tin and slice before its cold.I usually double this for a not too thick lamington tray sized slice.

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