Toxic cake decorations

daleaway, Oct 8, 3:12am
Interesting story in the Telegraph today - would love to know whether some of the glittery cake decorations being sold here are being tested for toxicity (but I doubt they are.) :

aveross, Oct 8, 3:39am
A lot of them available in NZ are tested and do display wether they are edible, inedible or not.There is also good ranges of especially produced edible, non-toxic glitters being produced by reputable firms who make and sell cake decorations.Most experienced cake decorators have known about this problem for some time now and use the right ones, but there are still people, especially 'newbie' who are unaware of it and will still use the cheap rubbish.Yeah, as with most things, quality costs!

daleaway, Oct 8, 3:43am
As the article points out, "non-toxic" is not the same thing as recommended for human consumption.

buzzy110, Oct 8, 4:06am
What is a cup cake really! It is a concoction of over-refined flour, masses of sugar, hydrogenated palm oil (bought cakes and homemade using margarine), food colours and plastic or ground up metal glitter. Do people really find these products (not really food are they) desirable! What is worse than eating them yourself! Well giving them to their children would rate right up there as child abuse.

My daughter's playgroup organisers bring along 'toxic' cupcakes and hand them out to the children at every session. Toddlers aren't even safe from this pernicious product. Luckily her son thinks they are blerk too, just like his dear old grandie. Awww, bless him.

cookiebarrel, Oct 8, 11:20am
Sorry should have added made for human comsumption.There are safe ones around, but you have to want to look.
Gosh buzzy110, sorry you have never experienced a nice cupcake made without all that gunk you are talking about.They really are nice and people do enjoy them and thankfully they are still able to.Even those made with more wholesome ingredients, should only be used as an occasion treat for kiddies and I am amazed that no-one has had the playgroup organizer up about feeding such treats regularly to the toddlers.Maybe they are brainwashed to believe all they see, hear and read too and think because she is incharge, she must have the best knowledge, training and experience to do as she does, or they are just cowards!Think a visit from old grandie is in order.Just don't fall into the trap of believing all cupcakes are bad until you have tried them all ;-)

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