I bought a bread tin from Briscoes.

olwen, Oct 1, 4:26am
This one.

and would like to make great bread.I tried white bread and this mixture was quite good.

2 1/2CupsHigh Grade Flour
3/4Cup Warm Water
2 tspnYeast (Hansell Breadmaker)
25 ml oil
1/2 tspn salt

Mix water, sugar and yeast.Leave till foaming
Put flour in bowl and make a well in the middle.
Put oil and milk in well, add yeast mix.
Pull flour into the mixture.Mix adding extra flour if needed.(Nearly 1/2 a cup added)
Turn out and knead.Wash bowl and put 15 ml of oil in bowl to oil.
Return dough to bowl to rise.
Cover and leave until well risen.
Knock down, knead and place in greased tin
Leave to rise
Bake at 220C for 25 minutes.

olwen, Oct 1, 4:29am
Can people suggest arecipe for a great grain bread.I have white flour, wholemeal flour, linseed, wheat bran and kibbled wheat.I'd love it if it fits the pan.

olwen, Oct 1, 4:34am
PS They lied about a removable base, it has a sliding top and solid base, butit is a nice pan

lilyfield, Oct 1, 5:39am
Use the same recipe, replace some of the flour with whole meal and bran, say a quarter. Add kibbled wheat preciously soaked in hot water and drained well.

sarahb5, Oct 1, 6:17am
I'd use the same recipe - when I make wholemeal bread I just use a standard white bread recipe and use 2/3 HG flour to 1/3 wholemeal.To add kibbled wheat or any other seeds, etc. I deduct the weight of the wheat or whatever from the total weight of the flour so if the recipe stated 450g of flour and I wanted to make wholemeal bread I'd use 300g HG flour, 50g kibbled wheat or whatever and 100g wholemeal flour.

I've never soaked the kibbled wheat though when making bread with it - why do you need to do that!

lilyfield, Oct 1, 6:21am
I soak mine because I nearly lost a tooth once on hard rye bits

sarahb5, Oct 1, 6:24am
I haven't found the kibbled wheat I bought has any hard bits in it - well not hard enough to bread a tooth anyway.The loaf I made today has kibbled wheat and golden linseed but I add a little more sugar than I would normally for white bread.

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