7 egg white!,

kiwiscrapper1, Sep 11, 9:08pm
Another thread from me! I have 7 egg whites to use, in hindsight I should have seperated them but they are all in one bowl, now I would like recipes please to use them up. TIA

lilyfield, Sep 11, 9:15pm
Just half them ,freeze, and you have enough for pavlovas twice

kiwiscrapper1, Sep 11, 9:27pm
Good idea thankyou, how long do they keep in the freezer would they last until the christmas pav!.i might make meringues with 1/2 now, they usually keep a while.

carlosjackal, Sep 11, 9:44pm
Lemon Meringue Pie!

lilyfield, Sep 12, 5:16am
Last ages, at least 6 month.

pogram0, Sep 13, 7:49am
Make a batch of Friands.They use egg whites only, not the yolks.

zappi, Sep 13, 11:38pm
do you just put them in a sealed container and put straight in freezer, nothing else done to them. and do they work as well as not frozen for meringue and pavlova.Never tried this.

lilyfield, Sep 14, 12:13am
Yes to both- but of course you have to defrost them first, leave out on bench, do not force the process.

punkinthefirst, Sep 14, 3:16am
Did you know you can freeze your pavlova!

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