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maximus44, Sep 5, 8:03am
can anyone recommend a good one - either a manual or battery operated. We bought a one touch one a while ago but it is difficult to get it to fit on to the tin and then it usually take ages to get the lid separated from the opener when the tin is opened.
Thanks for any suggestions.

lilyfield, Sep 5, 8:06am
In all my 70 years plus I only ever owned one of those cheap wing nut ones perfectly happy with it.

scuba, Sep 5, 8:11am
it must be getting a bit buggered by now

pickles7, Sep 5, 8:18am
The top of a lot of the cans have been altered so the cans can be stacked one on top of the other and not fall. It is this change that have made a lot of can openers useless.
We are on our forth can opener this year. We got this last one from a Kitchen ware shop. It has been so far good. sorry I didn't take any notice of the brand, it has a bright red handle . I will look later.

angel404, Sep 5, 8:22am
This is what we have (its not 70 years old tho) and ive never had a problem with it.

lilyfield, Sep 5, 8:24am
Ok- wrong wording- I have replaced it a few times with same model. But it also shows I do not open a lot of tins .

andree3, Sep 5, 8:29am
i have thetupperware one and i love it. it is very pricey ($65 last time i heard - I got it as a free gift for hosting which i was quite pleased about!) but it separates the top of the tin from the sides so you dont' get sharp edges. it always works too. highly recommended from me!

peterg1, Sep 5, 10:25am
We are on our fourth one in about three months. When the last one gave me a hissy fit we went out and spent a small fortune on a rolls royce model. It is wonderful! Don't buy a cheap one. Bite the bullet and save your sanity.

snapperheadrkp, Sep 5, 6:22pm
My Tupperware can opener only lasted about 2 years (average 3 cans a week). Clever idea being able to put the lids back on, but a rip off for a Asian made opener Exorbitant price is probably caused by Tupperware's pyramid like sales system. You can buy a lot of $2 shop can openers for $65.00.

pamellie, Sep 5, 7:24pm
Mine was the same, it didn't last. Unfortunatley they don't have the tupperware 'lifetime' guarantee either. Shame as it was a good can opener while it lasted. Like the previous poster mine was a hosting gift so it wasn't so bad when it crapped out as $65 is a lot for a couple of years use.

toadfish, Sep 5, 7:33pm
i have an OXO one brought from Farmers, from Memory it was about $40 (or $50) but I paid $20 (or $25 lol - my memory is shocking)in a half price sale.
Never had a problem with it and its over 5 years old.probably older.

maximus44, Sep 5, 7:55pm
Thank you for all your replies.

herself, Sep 5, 8:21pm
Love my Tupperware can opener.8 years old, never missed a beat and still going strong.

village.green, Sep 5, 9:05pm
I have a manual Brabantia one bought from Briscoes I think( $35 ish). Works well. Someone gave me an electric one and it sat in my drawer for 6 years so finally gave it to opshop. My daughter has problems using tin opener, she doesn't have the leverage/height yet.

sarahb5, Sep 5, 9:16pm
I have the same one - got mine at Stephens, also on sale - it's great

mwood, Sep 5, 10:02pm
I had the same problems and as using a two handed one is not an option I persevered - with time an practice it now "works" OK.

annie.nz, Sep 6, 1:33am
I have a manual Brabantia one too, and it's been great, arthritis and all.I have noticed recently that it struggles though with the stackable tins, might try the Oxo one.

sarahb5, Sep 6, 1:48am
It has a nice thick handle which makes it easy to use if you have arthritis (my mum found it easy) and it opens right out as well

marywea, Sep 6, 3:05am
A wall can opener issomething I wouldn't be without.

nauru, Sep 6, 3:44am
What about an electric one!I bought one a few years ago as found using a manual one difficult for arthritic fingers, wouldn't be without it and it's so easy to use, it has a knife sharpener on it too.

vinee, Sep 6, 5:29am
The best one I've had is the last one I got.
The cheapest one the warehouse had (a wingnut one)
I thought it cant be any worse than the dozen others I'd been through! and it's brilliant.

buzzy110, Sep 6, 5:34am
I got one of those gadgets that cuts the entire top off the can and leaves an edge you can run your finger around. I tried it this morning on a 1½Kg coffee tin and it works beautifully. I hope it lasts a long time because that has now become my new can opener of choice.I lost my old one because I never open cans. However, they are a necessary evil when, on the rare occasion, I have to open a can.

willyow, Sep 6, 7:25am
The electric onesMitre Ten sell ( same as the ones they sell on TV) are great - a bit expensive - close to $30 if I recall correctly - but if you have arthritic fingers -they are really easy to use . You just clip them on the tin and leave them to it. We've had one for several years, although not heavily used as we are not big tinned food people - its been usedmaybe once a fortnight.

norse_westie, Sep 6, 7:48am
I've tried a few, including the One Touch. In the end I went back to the old fashioned one (wing nut!) for $1.80 from the Warehouse. Five years on and still going strong. The more expensive they are, the less time they last IME.

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