Tefal Toast & Egg Toaster help

nauru, Aug 21, 6:11am
Daughter has just bought one from TM but it doesn't have a user manual with it.I understand that it is important that the amount of water required for each type of egg cooking must be measured accurately. Can some helpful person who has one of these toasters please give me amount of water required and any other important instructions!. TIA

245sam, Aug 21, 6:20am
nauru, have a look at:-


The User Instructions can be downloaded from that link.

Hope that helps.:-))

nauru, Aug 21, 6:24am
Thank you, she already found that link but the toast & egg wasn't listed in the downloads

245sam, Aug 21, 6:31am
That's unfortunate - I tried checking out the download option but couldn't fully do so because I didn't/don't have the actual model number.Has your daughter tried phoning the 0800 number as in

"The manuals will provide you with detailed operating instructions. If you require further guidance, please feel free to contact our Consumer Service department on 0800 700 711."!:-))

nauru, Aug 21, 6:40am
Thanks 245sam, model TT5501, yes I found the 0800 info so will give that a try as I can't find anything online.

245sam, Aug 21, 6:53am
nauru, I'm not sure how much (if any) help the following will be - I note that the model number is slightly diffferent.

"1. Your toast n egg should have come with a small plastic cup. On the sides you will see dash marks which indicate how cooked you would like your eggs. One side is specifically for making the egg in the pan (or sandwich). Fill water to the desired marking.this should be about 2 1/2 tablespoons (from memory)
The part that looks like a waffle pattern (with holes) is where you put your precooked meat to be warmed.
2. For making a sandwich, put the english muffin in the toaster area. Add the desired amount of water to the egg cooking side. Spray your pan with nonstick spray and crack your egg in the pan. Mix up a little to break up yolk. Place meat on the meat warming part and place over the egg.
3. Cover with clear plastic dome.
4. Push down the toaster arm. Then press the button egg/toast.

The english muffin will begin to toast and the egg will cook.when the toaster portion pops up.bother will be done.
Source: I have a tefal TT550015"

The above from:-

nauru, Aug 21, 7:06am
Thanks 245sam, sorry forgot to say that the plastic cup is also missing which is the problem as I know that the info is on there, we basically figured out which bit does what.There are also demos on youtube but they don't give the water measurments which doesn't help. It is the TT550015

nauru, Aug 21, 7:12am
That fixya link brought in a virus when I downloaded, just thought that you should know

245sam, Aug 21, 7:25am
Thanks heaps for that warning nauru.I'm sorry if that link has caused problems for you - I included it so that you would know the source of the info' I found that may be of use to your daughter.Hopefully our virus protection did its job but I'll get DH to check it all out when he gets home from work in a couple of hours.:-))

245sam, Aug 21, 7:29am
I hope that your daughter was not led to believe that the unit she was buying was complete, as clearly it was not.I soo hope that the 0800 number provides a positive outcome so that your daughter can make use of her new purchase.Good luck.:-))

nauru, Aug 21, 7:35am
Same as me , you weren't to know.Our virus protection picked it up immediately and deleted it.I've run 2 scans since and they were both clear, can't be too careful can you!.

nauru, Aug 21, 7:54am
As far as I'm aware she understood that only the user manual was missing.I don't think she knew about the cup until I mentioned it. She got it for $25 which was a good buy so she is quite happyShe will try the 0800 number tomorrow.Thanks for your help anyway, I'm sure she will sort it all out and our Grandsons will get their egg on toast for breakfast.

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