Tefal Actifry....

martin19, Oct 6, 1:30am
Does anyone know if you can cook frozen chips in them??I really want one buy not too keen on the price, and there are mixed reviews about them,thanks

andrew499, Oct 6, 1:52am
i bought an Actifry a bit over a month ago and really like it.Frozen chips come out very well in it.the instructions say to add no oil, but I find two tablespoons of oil make a considerable difference to the taste of the chips.I've read some mixed reviews on it myself, but took the risk just the same.

squeakygirl, Oct 10, 4:52am

martin19, Oct 10, 7:31am
Yup still want one,but mmmm still choking on the price,but I do have 5 kidsso maybe they can sort something out for christmas!

2boysmum, Oct 10, 9:17pm
Does it really take 45 mins to cook 1kg of chips??!

andrew499, Oct 11, 6:25am
yes, 45 minutes for chips sounds about right.However, you're not preheating anything as the chips are put into the Actifry from cold.frozen chips seem to take about 30 minutes.

delihank, Oct 12, 7:43am
what is the price of them...

martin19, May 27, 12:05pm
the prices I have seenare $399!some here on trade me a bit cheaper than that,Just wondering what those frozen chips taste like thou cooked in one,