Bacon egg pie with no

waxeyed69, Aug 30, 5:48am
pastry can it b done

245sam, Aug 30, 5:51am
waxeyed69, I haven't done so myself but I recall seeing a recipe somewhere for small muffin tin-sized pies that were pastry-less and instead of the pastry, the bacon was used to line the muffin tin.:-))

herself, Aug 30, 5:52am
I would call that a quiche.

coolnzmum, Aug 30, 6:09am
I guess if you line a tin with baking paper to stop the eggs and bacon stickingyou could just cook up the bacon and eggs.

245sam, Aug 30, 6:10am
On the following link is where you can see the bacon being used as an alternative to pastry, for as Brett suggests "children who don't like pastry" :-!gl=NG&feature=relmfu&hl=en-GB&v=OTKY4kmZCeo

korbo, Aug 30, 6:30am
I wonder if you could use patty paper things.

audio-solutionz, Aug 30, 6:36am
Scone dough base patted very thin, open top with sliced tomato or mushroom and grated cheese on.

duckmoon, Aug 30, 6:41am
bread cases as a base!

kinna54, Aug 30, 7:07am
I agree it would be a quiche.or maybe a heavy style omelette or Alison Holst recipes, sure there is one there for a nice bacon and egg self crusting quiche

aasha, Aug 30, 7:11am
My mother on occasion would line the pie dish with thinly sliced potato rather than using pastry - guessing those may have been the days when she had more time on her hands or no urge to make pastry.

beastie3, Aug 30, 7:15am
YES you can use those neat little silicon muffin 'tins' and just add your ingredients and finish with egg mixture. Can't exactly call it a 'bacon & egg pie' though, but close enough.We made something similar in our cafe for gluten free customers.

birdfeeder, Aug 31, 10:29pm
I make this all the time - my mother's recipe :
Grease a flan/piedish. Cover the bottom and sides with freshly made breadcrumbs.
Whisk together 6 eggs and 1/2 cup milk,salt and pepper. Pour gently over breadcrumbs.Sprinkle chopped bacon bits and chopped parsley over.Sprinkle some more fresh breadcrumbs over
Dot with butter knobs. Bake at 180 deg till lightly browned on top.

dilligaf_dah, Sep 2, 4:30am
yes you can use potato cut finely or use spinach leaves which we use instead of pastry.Most just use the bacon as the pastry and drop in a whole egg

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