Rhubarb cake

vat, Jul 15, 11:49pm
do you think a mix of cream cheese and plain yoghurt (both of which I have) would be an ok alternative for sour cream (which I don't) in a rhubarb cake recipe!

geldof, Jul 16, 12:00am
I would just be using the yoghurt if you have enough.
You can make sour cream by putting some lemon juice or white vinegar into some cream.(I often just use milk, but it is thinner)

245sam, Jul 16, 12:10am
vat, I agree with geldof - i.e. IMO the best option would be to use just the yoghurt which would produce a lower-fat cake of very similiar consistency to that made with sour cream.

Hope that helps.:-))

cookessentials, Jul 16, 1:51am
me too, just the yoghurt as cream cheese is very stiff and when the cake it cold, I would imagine it may make it stodgy.

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