Which do you think would be the better bread tin?

cookessentials, Jun 26, 6:49am
If you are going to make bread regularly, then go for the commercial one. it should clean up fine. Just double check all measurements to make sure it will fit into your oven

ange164, Jun 27, 12:01am
Thanks cookessentials. I'm not sure I would use it all that often yet. But would like a decent size tin for when I have a fancy to make bread by hand instead of the bread maker.

biggles45, Jun 27, 1:27am
Unless you eat a lot of bread every day, I would go for the single one. I find home-made bread doesn't keep as well as bought bread, and any not used in 2 days is only used for toast, bread and butter pudding etc.

lenart, Jun 27, 2:22am
The size of a tin is important if you bake at home. The commercial tins designed for higher temperatures, they are thicker and larger and at home you bread won't bake inside at the same time as crust. And when you put two large thick tins in the oven, the temperature in a home oven will drop quite significantly which will affect the rise. Even with a big baking stone the temperature in my oven drops when I put two tins in. My tins are much thinner and lighter (made from tin). And if you are using breadmaker then you won't have enough dough to fill the double commercial tins. Go for a single one.

kobec9, Jun 27, 3:27am
Not sure if you are interested but I just brought a large heavy bread tin from Farmers in the "Stanley Rogers" range and it was half price so only $12.50 and it is great.Non Stick too.

sqiff, Jun 27, 4:34am
I bought one of the single bread tins and it is just marvelous. I have a gas oven which gets very hot and is inclined to burn the bottom of my baking if I use normal cookware so purchase one of the heavy tins for my bread and it was so good I got another one. I use them for my sourdough and hubby's plain breads. Well worth it.

falcon-hell, Jun 27, 4:47am
why so sad then!

skippie1, Jun 27, 5:13am
I use two of the single tins, they are great, I only wipe a tissue with some oil thru the tin before baking and they only need a wipe with paper tissue after baking. New those tins cost $52. each in our local store but they are worth it.

sqiff, Jun 27, 7:11am
Definitely not sad. May have been that I was blue with the cold. no just a senior moment.

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