How to apply edible cup-cake icings.

elsielaurie1, Jul 1, 3:49am
I've watched videos on google, but unfortunately for me, only the peel-off variety are shown. Has anyone had any experience with any other types. The ones I have are on a fine backing paper but I'm not sure how to get them off and on to the cake.and I haven't got any extras to experiment with! If no answer is forthcoming I think I'll be turning to good old 100's and 1000's

just4jess, Jul 1, 4:48am
The best instructions I have been given is it it is hard to get off backing paper pop into freezer for 5 minutes.I did this with my most recent one, and it just peeled off after being in the freezer.

aleesham, Jul 1, 7:53am
this. oh and I also have a very thin sharp knife that I use to help

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