Cake tin

issymae, May 26, 5:08am
looking for butterfly shape cake tin for birthday cake; ChCh area;none in Steven's ; farmers, warehouse or briscoes; have seen them online but $80plus ;

chicco2, May 26, 5:11am
This looks ok. Not $80.
Our local Toy Library hires out shaped tins. Also a local party shop.

angel404, May 26, 5:11am
There should be someone local who hires them out! I hired a butterfly one 2 weeks ago for $10. It was awesome :)

crunchie3, May 26, 7:11am
Dont buy one when its just as easy to do it this way.Scroll down to the bottom.http://www.parenting-

cookessentials, May 26, 7:39am

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