Missed out salt in Chocolate Cake. help

leebee35, Mar 11, 7:17am
Darn forgot the salt -anyone know how this will impact on the cake or taste!

olwen, Mar 11, 7:20am
Probably not much, especially if you use salted butter.

davidt4, Mar 11, 8:29am
It won't make much difference.I've never added salt to cakes when using salted butter.

harrislucinda, Mar 11, 8:48am

cookessentials, Mar 11, 8:32pm
I very rarely add salt to baking, it will be fine.

leebee35, Mar 13, 8:43am
Dont worry about missing salt out -I missed getting it out of the oven!Note to self do not try and bake a cake at 8.30pm on a Sunday night.too tired!Fab recipe -I cut it in half and added jam & cream + bought some yogurt for it. lol

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