how do you make egg fong yu?

uli, Apr 10, 6:45am

edited to explain that I just googled "egg fong yu"
with amazing results ...

elliehen, Apr 10, 9:05am
cloffie, Here's a link which might help.

http://chinesefood. h

jag5, Apr 10, 9:16am
Egg Foo Yung is, I think, what she was after LOL

hezwez, Apr 10, 9:17am
Absolutely, and it's tiresome that batman and robin leap in to ridicule at every opportunity.

standard, Apr 10, 9:25am
Hear hear

elliehen, Apr 10, 9:45am
And another:'Hear hear! '

How easy it would be to rip in to the grammar, syntax and spelling of those two... not to mention some severe editing of their linguistic sins of commission such as redundancy, verbosity, mixed metaphor etc

But that's not what the messageboards are about, and those who do criticise a poster's use of language reveal a high level of insecurity about their own competence.

hezwez, Apr 10, 9:48am
It would be so much better if they instead concentrated on the recipes they're really skilled with, like:
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing... ...

fisher, Apr 10, 10:51am
Cloffie. . Egg Foo Yung (and we all knew what you meant) has four parts to it. . beaten eggs. . stir fried veges. . a meat and a sauce... . I lightly beat eggs with some white pepper and a pinch or two of salt and a drizzle of milk. . the veges like sliced onions, mushrooms, capsicum, spring onions whatever you like is stir fried in a hot wok, drained well and left to cool before adding to the egg mix. . the meat, stripped cooked chicken, peeled cooked prawns, pork strips or very thin sliced schnitzel whatever you choose is also cooked in the same HOT wok. . left to cool and again added to the eggs. . this can all be done before hand. . The last part of the equation is a sauce that is drizzled over the top. . say for beef strips, you could make this sauce, 1/4 c soy sauce, 1 tsp minced ginger, pinch white pepper, 2 drops sesame oil. . combine all together and into hot wok for a minute or two. . Taste test it to see if it is to your liking. . keep warm while cooking the egg foo yung. . Want a deep hot pan and add the egg/meat/vege mix. . in batches if you want. . easier to cook rather than one thick lot. . nice to serve on top of a bed of hot rice which has turmeric added for colour and steamed peas mixed through. . then a little drizzle of the sauce... You can add herbs to the egg mix if you want as there are no real hard and fast rules. . Egg Foo Yung is just an overgrown omelet really :}

kirinesha, Apr 10, 11:02am
I love egg foo yung, and as Fisher says - it is just a type of omelette. Nothing to be scared of or overwhelmed by!

fisher, Apr 10, 11:03am
This is an ideal meal for roast leftovers... as its already cooked it can just be stripped and added to the egg mix. . of course you would make a sauce that was relevant to the meat... sage and onion, brown onion gravy, seafood sauce... imagination rules...

fisher, Apr 10, 11:06am
Hi Kiri... its sort of my go to quick throw together meal... eggs, leftover meat and blanched/steamed veges but not always any sauce or the bottle stuff comes out :}}

kirinesha, Apr 10, 11:10am
Fisher, I always have big bags of prawns in the freezer, so that's my favourite! Sometimes the most simple dishes are the best :)

cookessentials, Apr 10, 1:49pm
Fisher, someone was asking about a garlic sauce recipe. I was sure you had one, are you able to help?

hezwez, Apr 10, 2:02pm
Since fisher seems not to post very often, could this be the one you're thinking of, from his kitchen?

cookessentials, Apr 10, 2:56pm
thanks hezwez, I shall let the poster know. What are you still doing up at this hour?

cloffie, Apr 11, 12:05pm
ohhhhhhhhhhh! shite! ROTFL I have just realised what I wrote at the start of this thread! ! that is what my 8 year old grandson calls it*skulks off having been influenced by an 8 year old* HEY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP GIRLS! !

griffo4, Apr 11, 8:15pm
Thanks fisher our son loves it and l have seen an easy recipe but yours sounds really easy so l will give it a go

fisher, Apr 13, 1:38am
thxherwez, cookexxxx :}
Hope ya like it griffo...

mazzy1, Apr 13, 2:56am
Kirinesha - how long do they take to thaw? I adore prawns! !

oh_hunnihunni, Apr 13, 3:10am
I just make an omelette with chicken sock/soy sauce instead of waterand away we go. Yum!

cookessentials, Apr 13, 3:42am
Ooooh, I get xxx's after mine LOL

kirinesha, Apr 13, 6:30am
Mazzy, I put mine either in a bowl on the bench for 45 mins or if I want a quick thaw in a bowl of cold water then drain well after 15-20 mins. They are a brilliant freezer item!

fisher, Apr 13, 6:53am
yup I always get them to make me two x 1 kg packs for freezing. .
but I like mine deheaded and peeled (all saved for burly while fishing) and then thrown into a pan with some hot butter, pinch of white pepper, fine chopped parsley and garlic. . stir enough to heat through then that's entree taken care of :}serve up and pour the butter over the top. . hmmmmm

kirinesha, Apr 13, 7:08am
I always buy peeled too Fisher - don't mind the tails being on though as they look great for presentation and can be used for stock.

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