Help. cake sunk in the middle

welderman, Apr 4, 1:06am
what am i doing wrong

poppy62, Apr 4, 1:25am
I think the mix was too moist!

indy95, Apr 4, 1:35am
Welderman. this can be caused by several things and without seeing the recipe it's hard to work out why it happened but the most common causes are having too soft a mixture, using too much raising agent i.e. baking powder or baking soda, too cool an oven temperature which means that the centre of the cake doesn't get hot enough for the raising agent to work or having the oven too hot which means the cake looks as though it is cooked right through when it actually isn't. It is really annoying when this happens isn't it but you can usually salvage your cake by cutting out the middle and maybe icing what's left. Good luck and I'm sure it will taste fine anyway.

welderman, Apr 4, 1:40am
Hi indy95 i used the edmonds choc cake went in a 180degree oven for 30 min,when i checked it it was wobbly in the middle,so i left in for further10 min.i have just cut into it and the middle is not cooked,although the rest of it tastes good. Perhaps it was too moist.

indy95, Apr 4, 2:04am
Hi welderman, it sounds as though you may have taken it out of the oven too soon. I have a 1980's Edmonds book and the chocolate cake recipe in there says to cook at 180C for about 1 hour. I haven't made that recipe for several years but as far as I can recall it was reliable. I don't know if that is the one you used but next time perhaps you could leave your cake in the oven for about 45 mins and then check and give it more time if needed. Glad to hear it tastes good - they usually do !

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