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leebee35, Feb 8, 7:45am
So how do you stop eggs from going green!

nik12, Feb 8, 11:44am
LOL, so love the bacon and egg pie debate!To me it's flakey pastry. bacon, then eggs to cover (yolks not broken) a bit more bacon, salt and pepper the cover with pastry :-).Add veg. it's bacon and egg and vege pie!
When I'm making a really big one (for catering) I will beat some extra eggs with a splash of milk per egg and tip over the above.It puffs up a bit more to fill my roasting dish.
Don't forget a few holes in top of pastry.
Haven't had green eggs sorry. .

lynja, Feb 8, 5:44pm
mine is just bought flakey pastry, bacon, then UNBROKEN eggs on top, cover with another layer of pastry ( I sometimes add chopped parsley too). Question though, I always end up with having to spend ages trying to get baked on egg off the metal slice dish I use to cook the pie in, Despite linng the base some always seems to leak out and it sets like hard glue! Any suggestions on how to avoid this, or how to remove it! soaking doesnt help much.

sclaredy_cat, Feb 8, 8:37pm
Another vote for flaky pastry and UNBROKEN eggs from me too :)

katalin2, Feb 8, 8:45pm
I use a mixture of broken and unbroken eggs- and do the cheese and tomato on top but criss cross strips of pastry on top.

sevenge, Feb 8, 9:28pm
layer of pastry in tin, add a sprinkling of grated cheese, add 12 whole eggs,chopped up bacon, thin slices of tomato, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of mixed herbs, cover with another layer of pastry, put a knife in all over the top to pierce the pastry, glaze with a little milk, , cook at 200 deg, until golden brown,, yummo

moby, Feb 8, 9:32pm
Peas or no peas!

kay141, Feb 8, 9:50pm
Short pastry, whole eggs, bacon, finely chopped onion, no peas, no cheese. Must be a metal tin to carry the heat to the bottom.

mango5, Feb 8, 10:53pm
unbroken eggs here too, and some sprinkled smokey paprika

sclaredy_cat, Feb 8, 11:08pm
Definitely peas. No mixed veg in mine please!
Just goes to show his many variations a standard type recipe can have, and they're all delish :)

beaker59, Feb 8, 11:53pm
At the bakery I do plain pastry on the bottom, then cheese bacon unbroken eggs and a dollop of milk for extra moisture and then flakey pastry over egg wash bake 45min at 180 (commercial oven and I do batches of a dozen pies so cooking time may vary at home).

At home I add suteed onion tomato slices and chilli also canned smoked oysters for that extra pizzaz (don't knock it until you try it) :)

rainrain1, Feb 9, 12:02am
I like cooked sliced potato on top of the pastry, then bacon, eggs and more pastry

supanan4, Feb 11, 9:11am
The best Pastry now to get is the frozen squares of Savory Puff Pastry especially for these pies, it is awesome crunchy and doesnt have crumbs everywhere.
I break a few of my eggs once in the pie and then leave some unbroken, and then use the Ryans bacon and plenty of filling, I prick the bottom of the pastry and the lid and brush the top with a little milk, and its yum.

yelreveb, Apr 11, 10:42pm
I am making bacon & egg pie tonight. Does anyone have a great recipe!

yelreveb, Apr 12, 2:05am
I wish someone would reply to my first posting as I really want to star getting my pie ready.

winnie231, Apr 12, 2:16am
Did you click on the link provided for you by elliehen!
It leads you to a thread about bacon & egg pie . surely one of the recipes there will be helpful to you!
If not then try using the search function on the left-hand side of the page . type in bacon and egg pie, change the dated posted option to last year & you'll find lots more threads on the subject.

mwood, Apr 12, 2:16am
there's none so blind as those who will not see LOL

iman007, Apr 12, 2:26am
this is my recipe and it is really good.put pastry in metal tin, i use similar to a roasting dish but smaller.Prick the pastry on the bottom, this stops it going soggy,I use aroud 15 or 16 eggs, free range,grab a fork and break yokes up and mix with the whites, put bacon on top, i use streaky bacon,then a layer of tomato and light sprinkle of cheese then s and p.put top pastry on poke some slots in top to let steam out.Bake at 160 approx 35 mins.
easy and very yummy.

seano7, Apr 12, 3:22am
Iman007 thats not a bacon and egg pie thats a quiche. lay pastry down place raw bacon as much as you like break ten eggs over the top Do not wisk them. salt pepper place lid on top prick three times or even score it. egg wash bake 20 to 45 mins at 170 and thats a bacon and egg pie

olwen, Apr 12, 3:33am
Sorry sean a quiche does not have a top, and uses milk and or cream.Personally I would never eat bacon and egg pie where the eggs were left unbroken.

I use flaky pastry sheets from the supermarket.For my tin (about 8 inches square and 1/2 inches deep) I use one sheet which I have to roll out a little to fit.Prick it and sprinkle some grated cheese over the bottom which helps stop the pastry going soggy.About 1/2 dozen strips of streaky bacon chopped up sprinkled over this, then about 6 eggs broken up (not really whisked, just roughly mixed) and pepper added -- the bacon has enough saltAnother sheet of pasty on top and edges well sealed.A few small slashes in the top.Brush with milk and bake 20 minutes at 180C

mwood, Apr 12, 3:35am
wot she said

taurus2005, Apr 12, 5:08am
Buy a block of flakey pastry from supermarket and thaw
Preheat oven to 200 degrees C or 400F
cut 1/3 for top and 3/4 for bottom
Roll out bottom and line cake tin, use flour when rolling to stop from sticking.
Add chopped bacon, however much you like
Add 5 or 6 eggs, prick each yolk
Add a handful of frozen mixed veges
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and 1/2 grated raw onion
Cover with rest of rolled out pastry, prick with fork and brush with milk
Bake 30 to 40 mins till golden brown.
Very easy and very yummy even when cold.
Good Luck

katalin2, Apr 12, 5:23am
this is pretty well what I do as well- made one yesterday in fact- except I put half the eggs in and break the yolk; the rest of the eggs I beat with a little milk and pour in. Leftovers great for lunches too.

iman007, Apr 13, 4:54am
def not a quiche man, looks and tastes like bacon n egg pie.Way my dear ol mum taught me

iman007, Apr 13, 4:55am
no milk in mine, yummy eh!

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