How many egg whites in 300g?

suzannelg, Apr 25, 8:00am
I'm looking at making this recipe and I have no idea what 300g of egg white is in terms of the number of eggs.

jessie981, Apr 25, 8:04am
Couldn't find on Google. Maybe weigh 1 egg & go from there or look for a new recipe.

nfh1, Apr 25, 8:06am
I looked on Google and got numerous answers from egg white being 30 grams to 60 grams!I suppose it depends how big the egg is.

I would do as jessie981 suggests above.

lilyfield, Apr 25, 11:03am

suzanna, Apr 25, 11:03am
Suzannelg there seems to be a preference for actually weighing the whites rather than guestimating. You may find some interesting reading here:

deus701, Apr 25, 2:53pm
A standard size 6 egg weights around 50g, the yolk itself around 19-20g, so the eggwhites is around 30g. You would need 11 x size 6 eggs for 300g eggwhites with some leftover.

snoopy221, Apr 25, 2:59pm
Damn good question and above post#6 has a damn GOOD answer


hope it helps


andree3, Apr 25, 6:57pm
i use 150g egg whites to make macarons and with big eggs i can usually get away with 4 to make up to 150g, but 5 if they are more medium sized. so around 8-10 eggs for 300g depending on size.

valentino, Apr 26, 12:49am
Interesting in how often these questions are raised.

Best solution is to weigh them like most other items that a number of recipes calls for within and specifying the measured weight amount.

Even The warehouse have budgeted priced electronic kitchen scales that can be "zeroed" after each addition of ingredient and are ideal if one was to do a few recipes over a period of time, best investment out for complete satisfaction and knowing that you are doing things precisely as the author of a recipe has given.

I think they start about $18 in price from a basic one to about $30 for one that measures up to 5 KG and all finely digitized read.


guest, Jun 30, 2:21am
I just discovered this trying to answer the question myself. I just used 9 55g eggs to get 300g of egg whites.

guest, Oct 14, 4:36am
If they had scales and thus the ability to weigh the eggs, then the question surely wouldn't have been raised?

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