Removable base on quiche tin

strange, Apr 17, 5:44am
Maybe I didn't think it fully thru but I brought one today and the liquid started seeping thru. The tin was lined with pastry though

Is it best to put a baking paper layer on the bottom covering the removable base and the ridge thats left!

gardie, Apr 17, 6:37am
I'm very surprised at that - the pastry should have held it all in (provided you didn't prick the bottom of it).Did it perhaps 'boil over' rather than seep through.Don't roll it too thin and make sure as you put it in the tray you have excess so that you can place it in rather than push if IYKWIM.Pushing it could make cracks in it for liquid to seep through.

strange, Apr 17, 7:09am
i'm not sure how it seeped through. Maybe the pastry cracked somewhere. I was using a pre rolled sheet but had to roll it a bit more to fit the quiche dish. I noticed on another pack of pre rolled pastry that it said to roll out a bit to fit whatever dish you are using.

gardie, Apr 17, 9:06am
I think that with a removable base, you would be better to join 2 sheets to get the right size.Brush one edge with water then overlap another,Use your rolling pin to seal these together but don't let the pin flatten the 'unoverlaped' bits.If using a fixed tin, its not a problem as anything that leaks only leaks onto the base of the pie.

strange, Apr 17, 9:16am
might try that next time :-)Or thought i'd have a go at making some pastry

cookessentials, Apr 17, 9:20am
It's a $10 "Pam's" brand tin isn't it!.that is basically the reason why. Better to pay more and get something decent to do the job.

strange, Apr 17, 7:36pm
whats the diff between that and more expensive ones! I can only think that the base on other ones are heavier. Otherwise I think they are much the same! Prove me wrong tho! :-)

strange, Apr 17, 7:37pm
I looked up on the net and seems heaps of people are having this problem so I doubt its just cos its a pams tin!

strange, Apr 17, 7:40pm That is identical to the tin I brought. But like I say - could be a bit heavier!

cookessentials, Apr 17, 9:27pm
Heavier weight, better fitting base, holes in base so pastry does not go soggy. The French tinware has been around for ever and is great quality.

katalin2, Apr 17, 9:48pm
The cheaper ones work just fine for me. Just make sure the pastry base is a good fit. I sprinkle a little semolina on top of the pastry which will absorb any excess moisture- my mum used to do that and I have just carried on. Otherwise just put either tinfoil or baking paper on the bottom. Good luck next time!

strange, Apr 17, 9:55pm
Thanks. in the end I put took the cooked quiche out of the pan and then put it on a tray to crisp up the pastry and it was fine.

purplegoanna, Apr 17, 11:42pm
i neva roll it thinner, if you need it bigger i cut another sheet into 4 strips then press them onto the sides where you need the extra with a 1cm overlapping seam which i brush with milk first and slightly pinch the 2 together.while im here try this.i used feta cheese instead of the blue and added a chicken stock cube to the water in the beginning and a cupful of cooked chicken diced to the mix. yes ill admit i used packet pastry but turned out primo

strange, Apr 17, 11:56pm
thanks purple. will try that. its just frustrating they don't do bigger squares for the pre rolled pastry. I mean it barely fits a 20cm dish.

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