Google chrome comes in handy for baking

lilyfield, Mar 27, 2:29am
it has an add on to convert measurements.
Underlined green- hover over it and the conversion shows. How clever is that.!

charlieb2, Mar 27, 2:34am
ooh thats handy to know, thanks.I've just started using chrome

jessie981, Mar 27, 5:07am
Find it good for Hotmail.

griffo4, Mar 27, 5:33am
Can you please tell me where to find it l have chrome but can't find it

olwen, Mar 27, 6:14am
There's a few here that might be useful

jessie981, Mar 27, 6:56am

lilyfield, Mar 27, 7:07am
I used the Metric conversion- top of the list

griffo4, Mar 27, 7:56pm
Thanks for that l have got it now

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