Cake Decorating Supplies in Rotorua?

splitty, Mar 22, 3:02am
Hi all, I am going to Rotorua on Tuesday and I can't seem to find any cake decorating supplies shops on Google, yellow or finda other than Spotlight and a catering kind of supplies store. I have heard there is one on one of the streets off Fairy Springs Rd or Old Taupo Rd but I don't know which street it is or what it is called. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. TIA

lilyfield, Mar 22, 3:05am
depot street- wholesale Kitchen place-- off Old Taupo road

evorotorua, Mar 22, 3:45am
I think that place has moved into town. It is called Food Equipment. Used to be off Old Taupo Rd but now in town.

cookiebarrel, Mar 22, 3:55am
Food and equipment used to be really good.Always visited there if we were in Rotorua.Haven't been over that way for ages, so not sure what it is like now.Will have to find out where it's gone to!

lilyfield, Mar 22, 4:12am in my phonebook under 55 Depot street, but its an old book. The website should show new address.

lilyfield, Mar 22, 4:15am
oooh nice yummy website, there is a phone number on it

splitty, Mar 22, 5:58am
Do they sell things like lustre dusts and colourings and stuff! I had a quick look on the website but couldn't see anything

lilyfield, Mar 26, 3:37am
ring them !

guest, Apr 18, 6:05am
No, they sell equipment as in tins, piping bags etc. But to my knowledge no actual fondant etc.

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