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nfh1, Feb 9, 11:48pm
I let my beans get away and have some very large ones - could I use the beans inside them for anything! Or should I just throw them away!


bridget107, Feb 9, 11:52pm
You could make them into a pesto. Very yummy with some crostini bread. Here is a very good recipe!

nfh1, Feb 9, 11:56pm
Brilliant - I never thought of that - thank you so much.

beaker59, Feb 10, 2:44am
Leave a few on the vine for next years seed for yourself and to share with friends.

lx4000, Feb 10, 3:09am
add to stock:)

nfh1, Feb 10, 3:51am
When would I pick them beaker59!Sorry - very new ground for me - I thought beans came from the supermarket freezer before I came here.

seniorbones, Feb 10, 4:23am
I cook mine and give them to the chooks, but I was very late getting them in just started picking them now, and as beaker mentioned I also keep some on the vine and let them dry out for next year

elliehen, Feb 10, 9:05am
nfh1, wait until the vines are brown and quite dead and the bean pods are crisp and brown too.Inside you will have perfectly formed hard bean seeds ready for next year and looking just like the originals you bought in your packet.

amazing_grace, Feb 10, 9:09am
I put mine through an old fashioned bean slicer, somehow it makes all that toughness really edible.I like to saute with garlic and butter and maybe add some sliced corgettes at the end.serve as a vege

they freeze well too

nfh1, Feb 10, 9:36am
Thank you elliehen - I am learning - slowly but am learning.I cannot tell you how exciting it is to pick veges from my own garden!

nfh1, Feb 10, 9:37am
thank you - I do not know what a bean slicer is, but am off to find out.Sounds lovely to saute them.I had so many ready at once and some are really long.

joybells2, Feb 10, 9:05pm
Yes I would leave to dry too.I pick my beans when really young and slice and freeze daily so they are there for winter time.Can't stand big tough beans.Good luck with your garden.

whitehead., Feb 10, 9:16pm
beans will come up again from where you have planted them .it also pays to swop your seed with some one ever 2/3 years dont ask me why but it seems to like fresh ground

beaker59, Feb 10, 9:28pm
Well done you, yeah a vege garden is very fun, and productive. what else are you growing, its amazing how much even a tiny garden will produce beans have been a little ho hum for us this year the big producers have beensilverbeet peas corgettes tomatoes basil and beetroot.

Keep some seed from all your succesful crops even if you don't use it all then its fun to swap or gift to others to spread the gardening bug.

nfh1, Feb 10, 10:02pm
I have lettuces, tomatoes - four different types, beans, peppers, basil and cucumbers!I did have peas but they went white (mildew!) but were getting to the end so pulled them out.Peppers supposed to be red but still green so waiting for those to change.

I have some beetroot seeds but I have not used them, so will put them in later on.Am going to try courgettes next time as well.I have been self sufficient in lettuce since November - cannot believe how much fun it is!Everyone who visits has to view the vege garden - very sad!

Thank you for your help.

elliehen, Feb 10, 10:10pm
Most people scatter their beetroot seeds but I hate thinning the crowded plants (even though you can eat thinnings) so because beetroot seeds are comparatively big, I plant then individually spaced.Am probably the only person on the planet to do this ;)

nfh1, Feb 10, 10:14pm
thanks elliehen - I will do that - so now there will be two of us!

pilgrim2, Feb 11, 4:53am
make that three elliehen

tehenga288, Feb 11, 5:25am
well done nfh - my garden is lots of containers which are now coming on after a slow start. the climbing beans are doing really well3 plants to a lge potgrowing up a flax flower teepee.Getting enough from 2 pots for 3-4 good feedsa week. Last year I let some of the bean pods get a bit bigger then took the beans out , and then added them to casseroles or stews. Yumm !

uli, Feb 11, 9:54pm
Dry them in the shell and then you have next years seeds.

samanya, Feb 12, 2:47am
erm .make that 4

jaybee6, Feb 12, 3:05am
Omg put them on the compost.Pick them when they are young and tender.

nfh1, Feb 12, 3:10am
Yes I know that is what you should do, but I did not, so asking for advice, don't have compost to put them on.

Thanks for your help though.

uli, Feb 12, 6:42am
Did you read my outrageous idea to keep your own seeds - rather than compost them . and buy new seeds next year LOL :)

nfh1, Feb 12, 9:46pm
I did uli - I have cut off about 85% of the enormous ones off and left the others to mature - they seem to be growing by the day!

I fell and broke a couple of ribs, and they got away from me(the beans, not he ribs!), previously I had been cutting them off about every 3 days.I am amazed how quickly they have grown - perhaps they are superbeans!

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