Auckland need a cake tin asap

trinam30, Dec 29, 7:13pm
I'm in urgent need of a cake tin the shape of a plan, does anyone know a cake store or any store that have them that is open that would have one. My son's birthday is on the 2nd jan TIA

meoldchina, Dec 29, 8:07pm
How about making a sponge cake in a tray and then cutting it into the shape of a plane (as viewed from the top). You could even buy an Ernest Adams square sponge, decorate with butter icing and stick the Air NZ logo on. Sometimes you have to think outside the square cake tin! LOL

uli, Dec 29, 9:42pm

kiwitrish, Dec 29, 10:10pm
How about getting one printed on edible paper, then you can just pop it on a square cake.

buzzy110, Dec 29, 10:21pm
Have you rung Spotlight! Otherwise most people do a cut and paste job to achieve the shape they are looking for.

My girlfriend used to supply me with all my cakes. She'd just purchase cheap sponges from the supermarket and go for it. Her creations were masterpieces but don't expect to eat them. Even she admitted that the icing tasted vile and the cake inside was inedible. I usually provided a nice homemade cake for eating.

davidt4, Dec 30, 2:06am
Really!What's the point in that!Seems incredibly wasteful.

buzzy110, Dec 30, 2:35am
She was an artist. Cheap supermarket sponges/madeira cakes are naff but they make a fantastic base for creating a work of art. I don't know about you but the thought of eating all that coloured icing that goes into one of these things fair turns my stomach.

The point, btw, was to have a beautiful cake for the birthday child and to impress guests. I didn't care whether it was edible or not. In fact it could be eaten but my preference was to keep it intact to admire it for a few days before biffing it.

craig04, Dec 30, 7:20am
Cake Couture in Glendene has all sorts of cake tins in all sorts of shapes, they may be your best bet and close by since you're in Westieland. They hire out cake tins so you won't need to fork out to buy one. Here's the link to their hire section

craig04, Dec 30, 7:32am

These guys are in Sth Aucks, but they have a big hire pool of cake tins also so may be worth a shot - I've gotten cake toppers from them before

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