Egg and dairy free xmas cake

sonyahare, Dec 7, 9:10am
i dont know if this is done but i would like to show you a good and easy recipe.
700g Cake mix
Orange Juice enough to cover the fruit.
2 1/2 cups of self raising flour.

Soak fruit in orange juice over night, them add the flour and bake at 180 degrees for an 1hr 1/2 then turn oven off and allow to cool . Ice. Cheap and easy.

lisa7, Dec 7, 9:15am
There is also a version using gingerale instead of orange juice.

rozigurl, Dec 7, 9:17am
ewwww. Well guess you wont like my one. Its super big, my nans recipe and it has 10 eggs!

sonyahare, Dec 7, 9:18am

rozigurl, Dec 7, 9:27am
The cake is huge, though my nan was one of 10 children. The cake is soo heavy! Definatly could feed an army.

kiwitrish, Dec 7, 7:16pm
Sounds like my type of cake.Bet it tastes good too.

uli, Dec 7, 8:54pm
Yep this recipe has been around for years - you can use any liquid you like from coffee to flavoured tea, to coconut milk to any juice or simply water and rum mixed :)

It has the drawback that is goes stale quicker than other cakes so bake it not too long before using. As it has no fat in it either it will not keep well and I have heard people say when they unwrapped theirs it was mouldy under the tinfoil.

Great for a last minute cake if you run out.

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