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sofija, Oct 28, 9:00pm
Hi, can anyone recommend a place to buy egg rings from please, either metal or silicone - with handle/s preferably.
I cook on my woodburner in a caste iron fry pan, and although I am realy careful putting the eggs in they still spread - the dogs at least enjoy the thin dry overcooked edge bits:-)

karenz, Oct 28, 9:08pm
You can buy the round metal ones in most supermarkets or the Warehouse, for the silicone and ones with handles you would probably have to go to somewhere like a homeware shop, Stevens for example or maybe a store that sells camping equipment.

southerngurl, Oct 28, 10:37pm
Warehouse ones have handles. they hang up on the clipstrips down the aisles. u get 4 in a pack i think similar to this

sofija, Oct 28, 11:15pm
Ahh great, thank you, I will have a look for them at the Warehouse next time I go into town:-)

hooksie60, Oct 29, 7:25am
I have silicone ones they are great got them from those home mags that get delivered to your letter box then collected after a few days

elliehen, Oct 29, 7:30am
I saw a set in the White Elephant stall at a country fair today and passed on by.

babytears, Oct 29, 7:50am
$2 at KMart

sofija, Oct 29, 8:58pm
Yes, I have seen the egg poachers in those mags, we don't get them here (rural) however I sometimes see them at other peoples houses in town, hadn't seen the egg rings - probably will once I have bought some :-)

sofija, Oct 29, 8:59pm

sofija, Oct 29, 9:00pm
Tks babytears - there is a KMart down in Wellington/Porirua

nzhel, Oct 30, 11:17am
I've seen them often in supermarkets tho haven't looked recently. We use ours all the time for poached eggs and I wouldn't be without them. I did buy some last year in Woolies supermarket in Melbourne - a set of four with little handles that you can fold up to lift the rings off. Unfortunately I haven't used them yet - keep forgetting! They may be available in Woolies here.

sofija, Oct 31, 4:28am
I went down to Paraparaumu today, in anticipation that I would be buying a set of egg rings - yeah right
Neither Briscoes, the Warehouse, New World or Countdown had any . and a 'Kitchen' shop in the mall only had metal ones with no handles.
My local New World however said they would get some in as other people had asked for them.
I was expecting Briscoes & the Kitchen shop in the mall would have metal as well as silicone ones to choose from - obviously far too optimistic of me.

hooksie60, Nov 2, 7:53am
call magna mail t they have the silicon ones also 0800170270 hope that helps

babytears, Nov 2, 8:32am
Awwww that's no good. KMart $2 for set of 2 :)

sofija, Nov 3, 5:42am
Tks hooksie, will give them a ring . :-)

sofija, Nov 3, 5:44am
I know,sniff sniff . but don't think I will be driving down to Wgtn just for a set of $2 Egg Rings:-))

cherie19, Nov 3, 6:08am
I have recently just bought some off my Avon rep. $9.00 for set of two. They are silicone and are great. Nothing seems to stick to them.

babytears, Nov 3, 6:31am
If you don't happen to get any, let me know - I'm heading into Dunedin Saturday and could pick some up for you from KMart if you like and post at your cost - the only thing is that I hope they're are the type you're looking for. I could put up a photo of my ones!

babytears, Nov 3, 6:40am!ID=102

The one's I have are similar to this. handles are a little different and perhaps the silicon is not quite as thick

uli, Nov 3, 6:43am
Can anyone enlighten me what they are used for!
I simply crack my eggs into the fry pan and cook them.

babytears, Nov 3, 6:58am

hooksie60, Nov 3, 7:25am
I love my egg ring and it islooks like the one baby tears has link for but is just brought form the cheap home mags that you get.hope this helps other wanting them

petal1955, Nov 3, 8:29am
I have seen the metal ones and the silicone ones in the "PriceBusters" shop for under $5.

sofija, Nov 4, 5:46am
Thank you for the photos & video babytears:-)and for the offer to buy some for me from KMart, much appreciated, however looks like I will be able to get some from Avon or Magnamail if I can't find them locally - tks hooksie & cherie . I quite like the look of the silicone ones
hmmm, wheres my nearest Pricebusters - tks petal

I don't seem to have the knack of cracking eggs into a pan without them spreading out'uli'. so I loose half the white - thin & dry overcooked egg not nice - luckily my 4 legged automatic garbage disposal units are not as fussy as I am:-)

I can see that once I get some I will go from not having seen them around,to seeing themb. everywhere :-)

otterhound, Nov 4, 8:53am
Beware of buying through Magna mail - you may well be inundated with stuff from them from that day until eternity!A friend of mine used rings of capsicum for egg rings - then the whole lot is edible=)

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