White xmas cake icing can u colour it!

kelly151, Oct 2, 12:31am
can u use food colouring to colour that white xmas cake icing! want to make a black and white cake for my sis!

claudeandstu, Oct 2, 12:33am
the ready made stuff! Yes you can you just kneed it in. You may need to add some extra icing sugar. It takes quite a bit of food colouring otherwise you just get grey

Wear gloves though or you will have black hands for a while :)

kelly151, Oct 2, 12:35am
awesome thanks claudeandstu!

pickles7, Oct 2, 1:05am
You can buy black icing, from Spot light.

chicco2, Oct 2, 1:25am
You can also buy black fondant from here. Look in CRAFTS> Cake Design

sikofstuf, Oct 2, 5:21pm
no= black gel wont colour white icing black- it will to start with, then it will gradually turn purple- you need to add black gel to brown icing to get a true black! So, for best results either buy ready made black, or colour the bakels chocolate fondant- otherwise you will end up with a really bitter tasting icing- plus it wont be black!

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