Egg sizes

nieghnow, Sep 12, 3:51am
Help! the recipe calls for large eggs, but when I went to the supermarket they are have numbers like 6,7 or 8. A few others were labelled extra large but nothing was called large. How big is a large egg! thank you in advance. :)

lilyfield, Sep 12, 3:54am
size 7

cookessentials, Sep 12, 4:00am
Large is a #7. See the info below. I only ever use large ( direct from our chookies in the garden)

nieghnow, Sep 12, 4:12am
oh, thank you both for the info. Im down to one free range hen that still lays sporadically and her friend. I havent had to buy eggs for years and the recipe calls for quite a few and i cant wait on Miss Brown to lay me enough.

cookessentials, Sep 12, 4:47am
Maybe you need to get your wee girls some more friends LOL. We are now down to two girls and they are getting on a little, but still producing. If they slow up, I will just add a couple of younger ones and let Ruby and Speckles retire gracefully.

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