Red Kidney beans..

t.gypsy, Jun 16, 12:18am
My mother had to get a food parcel as things are grim this week. And we got a tin of red kidney beans which we never have had. What it taste like and what do you do with it.

I am thinking of using it to bolster mince to make the mince go further..

lythande1, Jun 16, 12:23am
Chilli Con Carne for instance.

muppet65, Jun 16, 12:29am
definately add them to mince they are great for mince chili dishes with loads of canned tomotoes

kiwibubbles, Jun 16, 12:30am
i've seen a recipe for a vegetarian shepherds pie that uses red kidney beans. Actually looks delicious- if you want recipe let me know. Also uses capsium and onions i think

t.gypsy, Jun 16, 12:45am
Cool thanks how would you describe the flavour of it?? is it similar to baked beans in flavour??

mallee, Jun 16, 2:42am
It's the sauce in the baked beans that has the flavour, so think about the bean without the sauce, and the kidney bean is similar. My chili con-carne would not be ccc if it didn't include kidney beans, they really are great.

wildflower, Jun 16, 3:47am
Yum in nachos.I love them, any red meat works with them.

t.gypsy, Jun 16, 5:45am
thanks guys now know what to do with it. We have a tinned of refried beans and now a tin of red kidney beans and i me has an idea coming up with mince so might boot mother out of the kitchen..

lythande1, Jun 16, 7:54pm
I'd say a bit stronger.

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