Recipe for Tomato Puree, please??

bobpat, Feb 1, 11:19pm
Hi there. got tomatoes that I would like to preserve pureed.Anyone got a recipe for this? Ta

mazz1972, Feb 2, 2:53am
I make it with just tomatoes.No salt or pepper as I add that to taste when using it.Some people add onions.Simmer in a pot until pulped/soft, blitz in a food processor and strain to get rid of the skin/seeds.You can then either freeze it, or heat again to simmering and put seal intoto preserving jars.

Or reuse jars that have lids that were sealed when you bought them (eg, jam/mayo/chutney) so long as the seal on the lid is still ok.

245sam, Feb 2, 3:07am
Here you are bobpat - some choices, none of which I have personally tried.....

The first two recipes are from Alison Holst's Kitchen Diary Collection
This is a useful way to preserve tomatoes when only a small amount of storage space is available.

Slice good quality, red, ripe, fleshy tomatoes with good flavour into an electric frying pan or a large saucepan.Bring to the boil, stirring constantly to prevent sticking.Remove the boiling mixture from the heat, cover, and leave to stand until cool.Push as much pulp as possible through a foodmill or sieve, and discard the seeds and skins.Heat the pulp in a wide shallow container (electric fry pan or jam pan) until it is reduced to less than half its original volume, stirring occasionally and adjusting the heat to avoid burning.The mixture will spatter badly as it thickens, but this is unavoidable.Freeze the cooled, thick mixture in small plastic bags, lidded plastic pottles or tubs, or icetrays.Transfer the frozen mixture from the containers into large heavy plastic bags if desired.
1. Add chopped onions and chopped garlic to the skinned and seeded mixture, if desired.
2. Add chopped red and/or green capsicums to the skinned and seeded mixture.
Note:It is not worth making a mixture like this unless you start with good, red tomatoes.
The concentrated mixture may be bottled, too.Pour or spoon it into sterilised jars, to within 1cm from the top.Seal with seals previously soaked in boiling water.Screw on the bands tightly.Stand jars in a large saucepan or water bath so they are covered with water.Process for 10 minutes.

This is bottled by the open-pan method.The mixture is fully cooked and concentrated before it is bottled.Put all the ingredients into a large preserving pan.

5 Kg tomatoes, quartered
2-4 large onions
2 tsp dry basil, optional
2 tsp dry marjoram, optional
2 tsp celery seed, optional
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp pepper

Boil together, stirring frequently, until half of its original volume.
Put through a food mill, blender or food processor, and sieve if desired to remove seeds, skin etc. Bring the mixture back to the boil, then pour into clean sterilised jars, to overflowing.Top with pre-boiled seals and screw on bands.Make sure the puree, jars and seals are very hot when bottling the mixture.As an extra safeguard, the hot, filled jars can be heated in a water bath for 10 minutes, but this is not essential.
Sterilise the clean jars by heating in oven at 125°C for 30 minutes.

More to follow:-))

245sam, Feb 2, 3:08am
The following recipes are from a 1978 article in the N.Z. Woman's Weekly.
2 Kg ripe tomatoes
2 tsp salt

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for a few seconds.Remove the skins and place the tomatoes with the salt into a saucepan.
Cook for 30 minutes or until well pulped.Pass through a food mill or sieve, then return to the saucepan and boil gently for a further 10 minutes.
Put into ½ litre preserving jars.Seal and process in a water bath for 20 minutes.

2 Kg tomatoes
1 onion
6 black peppercorns
2 cIoves
pinch nutmeg
2 tsp salt

Peel the tomatoes by blanching in boiling water for a few seconds to remove the skins.
Finely chop the onion.Tie the peppercorns, cloves, nutmeg and bay leaf in muslin.
Place the tomatoes in a saucepan, and add the onion, muslin and spices, and salt.Cook gently for 45 rninutes.Discard the spices.Pass through a fine-mesh sieve.Return to the boil and pack into small preserving jars. Seal and process for 20 minutes.
Makes ½ litre.

2 Kg tomatoes
2 tsp salt

Wash the tomatoes, cut roughly and place in an electric blender.Pulp the tomatoes and strain through a fine-mesh sieve.Heat to boiling.Pack into hot ½ 1itre jars.Seal and process in a water bath for 30 minutes
Makes about 1 litre.

2 Kg tomatoes
2 tsp salt

Using ripe tomatoes, wash and cut them up.Place in a saucepan, add the salt and bring to the boil, stirring often.Reduce the heat.Simmer until pulpy, about 30-40 minutes.Remove from the heat and strain through a fine-mesh sieve.Return to the saucepan, bring to the boil and boil for 60-65 minutes without the lid to evaporate the excess liquid and reduce to half quantity.
Either pack into small jars and process in a water bath for 15 minutes, or freeze in ice-cube trays and repack in boxes for storage.
Makes about ½ litre.:-))

beaker59, Feb 2, 5:50am
Take good ripe tomatos lay them in a clean roasting dish and roast for 3/4 hr at 120degrees fan bake remove from oven the skins are easy to remove when cool add tomatoes to a pot and either blitz with stick or use wooden spoon salt and pepper to taste sometimes I add chopped basil and thyme and often add rosemary and thyme at roasting stage. Bring to boiling then bottle in clean jars keeps well. Refrigerate once opened.

bobpat, Feb 2, 7:20pm
Thank you for those.I will certainly give it a go.Regards, Pat

fisher, Feb 3, 12:32am
beaker59 is on to it.... by roasting the tomatoes it firstly brings out their health benefits (antioxidants / lycopenes)and also intensify the tomato flavour...I also add salt and ground black pepper and of course the proverbial home processed basil that goes so well with tomatoes..I dont remove seeds or skins and also simmer/reduce for awhile to intensify the flavour and thicken.. stir occasionally
Alternatives... minced onions and garlic.. vinegar and sugar... etc etc depends on what I want to use it for...

bobpat, Feb 4, 8:05pm
Hi Fisher.My thoughts were to keep for accompanying steaks in the form of sauces or for casseroles. Cheers, Pat

lx4000, Feb 7, 8:17pm

Was given heaps 20kg approx!!So cut boileddown then put in hubbies gadget he has had for years. What a darling thing!! Turn the handle and the juice goes 1 way and the skin and seeds go straight throu and out!! I put it in twice and its a dream!! Sooo fast and easy!! Now have it back on the heat to reduce for puree:)

coreblimey, Apr 2, 5:40pm
Fisher, if I wanted to turn this into a kind of tinned tomato type replica what would I need to add re vinegar, sugar etc?Thanks, Vicki.