Rocky road recipe anyone?

infinityjrc, Dec 22, 7:09am
If you have a good recipe for this would love it if you would consider sharing it....

m0rtleg_gl, Dec 22, 7:22am
I use this one from good old edmonds

250g dark chocolate broken to peices
25g kremelta
25 marshmallows
1/2 cup blanched peanuts (sometimes I've used walnuts or almonds instead)
1/2 cup coconut

1. Line a square shallow baking dish dish with foil
2. Combine broken chocolate and cut up kremelta in a microwave safe bowl
3. Cook the mix on full power for 1 min then take out and stir. Cook again on high for 30secs then stir. Repeat this until the mix is smooth
4. Put the chocolate aside to cool
5. Combine the nuts, coconut and marshmallows in another bowl. Pour over the cooled chocolate and then mix everything together.
6. Spread the mixture thickly over the base of the baking dish and leave to set. Once cool you can chop it into chunks.

Store the rocky road in the fridge.
Hope this might be what you are after. It is rather basic I know but I find it makes a pretty nice treat and tastes yummy.

geldof, Dec 2, 8:50am
I have just made this one from a thread in General.

landylass wrote:

oh recipe please Chrissy.

White Chocolate xmas Rocky Road!

180g pink and white marshmallows ( I used those mini ones- saves cutting them up)

70g pistachio nuts
100g dried cranberries
50g thread coconut ( i just added normal coconut about 2 tsp)
375g packet white chocolate melts( i used signature range white buttons)

*Line a 20cm square tin with baking paper or foil, leaving an over hanging edge on each side.
*Melt chocolate,
* add all other ingredients ( I had these already together in the mixing bowl)
*Pour over chocolate, toss to coat, ]
*spoon on baking paper and press evenly over the base quickly
*Leave in a cool place to set
*remove from tin and peel of paper/foil
*cut into small squares/bars to serve
*store in an airtight container (if u have any left)

And enjoy

I guess u could use other chocolate if people dont like the white, but it looks so lovely with the pinks, white. red and greens

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