White sauce?

kiwigirl01, Dec 12, 3:37am
nice quick and easy receipe please for with caulifour

fisher, Dec 12, 3:54am
White Sauce.. Also known asRoux
Melt 2 tbsp of butter and then add 2 tbsp of plain flour and gently stir over low heat for a minute or two. Add pinch of salt and white pepper. Add milk, stirring all the time to prevent lumps, remove from heat and stir until sauce thickens. Stop when its the right consistency
(a)Cheese..Add grated cheese to above roux and stir until it melts and thickens. Small pinch of cayenne pepper.
(b)Cheese with Bite..Add grated cheese and blue vein cheese to above roux and stir until it melts and thickens.
(c)Sweet and Spicy.. Add pinch of nutmeg and 1/2 tsp of sugar to above roux
(d)Parsley Sauce.. Add 1/2 cup of FRESH fine chopped parsley to above roux

rosathemad, Dec 12, 4:12am
A tiny bit of dijon mustard gives a nice extra tang - not detectable but lifts the whole thing. :-)

nik12, Dec 12, 5:30am
I do mine in the microwave while everything else is cooking on the stove.
Melt 1T butter 'till it's 'spitting', quickly throw in slightly heaped T flour and stir together 'till smooth.
Slowly add one cup of milk, first 1/4 dribbling in and mixing so it doesn't go lumpy.
Then cook on high for 1 mins bursts stirring well until thick.It will thicken a bit more after standing, and when you add cheese.

roseann48, Dec 12, 9:17am
I dont use butter in mine. I just put 1/2 cup flour & pinch salt in saucepan - slowly add approx 400 mils milk stirring continuously. Bring slowly to boil stirring reguarly. Boil couple mins & turn off & leave to thicken . You can easily adjust this to suit. Suitable to microwave also.
Add any of the above but with cauliflower we like cheese, onion & a little curry powder

wayne472, Dec 12, 9:37am
Continental packets of white sauce $1:25 at the supermarket!
Use the Cauli water double the amount of liquid as what is recommended on the packet.
Make as per instructions
Thicken with corn flour
Add chopped parsley,freshly ground BLACK pepper,and A pinch of Mace and A knob of butter.(tea spoon full)

Mace is a spice made from the waxy red covering which covers nutmeg seeds,if you can find any in NZ let me know.It has one of the most delicious flavours I have ever tasted.I have tried and cant find Mace any where in NZ!

whiteheron1, Dec 12, 9:39am
white sauce is not known as a roux, a roux is the base of a this sauce a mixture of cooked fat and flour.
White sauce =Bechamel adding cheese to this makes it Mornay.....

suzanna, Oct 20, 10:09pm
Wayne I buy mace from Moshim's Indian shop on Durham St. I'm sure they have a website. If I can't find things that I need I go there and much of the time they have it. Another time I couldn't find celery seed anywhere but I found it there. With pickling/relish season coming up I'm sure there'll be a rush on for the likes of mace.