Tin Evaporated Milk

yddac, Aug 20, 11:15pm
Can this be used like normal milk. Such as in coffee or on cereal? If not what can it be used for?

jaez1, Aug 20, 11:26pm
Yes, this can be used as normal milk in an emegency. It was called "Ideal Milk" many years ago if we are talking about the same thing. It is quite "strong" in flavour so I used to water it down for cereal etc. I personally don't like the flavour. It was all I had sometimes, so used it for baking etc also. Carnation milk it is sometimes called, I think.
Some people love tins of "coffee and milk" and I always think that is coffee and evaporated milk - but not really sure.

dbab, Aug 20, 11:30pm
It's great in pasta.

yddac, Aug 20, 11:31pm
jaez1 Yes it is Carnation Evaporated Milk. Does it need to be boiled or can it be used straight out of the tin?

jaez1, Aug 20, 11:34pm
It is used straight from the can. Taste a wee bit first to see how much you want to water it down - or if you do.

245sam, Aug 21, 12:32am
yddac, evaporated milk has lots of uses for sauces, smoothies, quiche, baking, desserts... ... .
For a good selection/variety of recipes using Carnation evaporated milk have a look at:-

http://www2. nestle.com. au/nestlerecipe/recipe/Search. aspx? fr

squeakygirl, Aug 21, 1:40am
Add a little coconut essence and you have coconut cream for curries etc.

floralsun, Aug 21, 2:39am
Chill it well - at least several hours. Make a packet jelly with half the amount of water usually used - or make two packets this way. When beginning to set, place evaporated milk in a large bowl and using a mixer, beat well till very frothy - more than doubles in size. Add jelly and keep beating - add some sugar if you want it sweeter. Pour into a large bowl and set in your fridge - an old favourite from many years ago. Add coconut, essences, etc too if you want. Fruit can be added too - peaches, etc.

wron, Aug 21, 7:47am
Rice pudding - by the way anyone know where to get short grain rice from, Pak'n'Save used to stock it but no longer?

245sam, Aug 21, 11:25am
wron, I bought Pam's brand short grain rice at one of our Chch Pak n Saves just 2-3 weeks ago, and our local New World also stocks it. :-))

tinyted, Feb 14, 5:58pm
I know someone that uses it in place of ordinary milk in russian fudge and he swears by it saying it is the best ever fudge! Hmmm... . still hasn't given me the recipe though!