Limoncello Recipe

bruceakld, Aug 10, 2:54am
I want to try making some limoncello, does anyone have a good tried recipe?
Most on the net seem to be american and use grain alcohol (not sure what the equivalent for that is here? ! ).

nanasee1, Aug 10, 3:01am
I tried this one last year & it was good. Seems to keep well in the fridge.
Limoncello (City life Newspaper 21 November 08)

700 ml vodka
750 ml water
500 grams caster sugar
8 lemons
Rind of 2 more lemons
Cut lemons into 8ths and put into large non-metallic container, mash up a bit and add sugar and lemon rinds. Add vodka & water, stir, cover and refrigerate for 48 hours, stirring occasionally. Sieve mixture and bottle.

ro42, Aug 10, 3:02am
I've made it with grappa. Strong vodka works too.
you need to make sure all the pith is off the peel, though, or it goes bitter.

gypsynz1, Aug 15, 5:45am
My recipe is similar to nanasee1

750 ml good quality vodka
250 ml boiling water
500 ml cold water
350 gms caster sugar
10 lemons
+ rind & juice of 2 extra lemons

Cut lemons into 8ths, place in large plastic bowl, squash up lemons (do not use metal utensils), add sugar to boiling water, stir to dissolve, add cold water then add to lemon, add vodka, lemon rind & juice, leave in fridge covered for 3 days. stir once a day. On third day drain through sieve and bottle, squeeze all the juice out of the lemons.
Can be drunk straight away, but is better to brew for at least a month, store out of light. I make mine at least 6 months before using it, the onger it brews the better it tastes!

Drink as "shots" or is refreshing with lemonade or tonic water

gilligee, Aug 15, 7:52am
I keep mine in the freezer.

nfh1, Oct 11, 8:16am
If I use this recipe am I supposed to peel the lemons to remove the pith?


nanasee1, Oct 11, 8:48am
nfh - I cut the lemons into 8ths & just mashed them, didn't remove the pith. I zested the rind of the extra two lemons and added the zest.

nfh1, Oct 11, 9:58am
thanks very much - I am going to have a go!It sounds very very interesting.

purplegoanna, May 23, 1:50pm
i just used a sharp knife and peeled of the yellow rind taking care not to take to much of the white, the white makes it sour. The longer you let it soak the better taste and colour it gets, it seeps the colour out of the zest. Mine been soaking for 3mths+