Sweet n sour pork (help)

tigga212, Aug 6, 10:38pm
i got da Maggipacket to make sweet n sour pork n got all the stuff i need to make it. n relised i got pineapple in juice and i needed pinapple in syrip for the sauce Doe's it matter if i use juice instead of the syrip? ? ? ?
Thanx to any1 tht can help.

campmum, Aug 6, 10:50pm
i wouldn't worry too much... just add a bit of brown sugar to taste.

tigga212, Aug 6, 10:51pm
thank u.

245sam, Aug 6, 10:56pm
tigga212, IMO you may find that you need to add some sweetener (white or brown sugar) to compensate for the juice not being as sweet as the in-syrup version of the pineapple. The only other difference IMO is that the sauce will have a stronger pineapple flavour than it would have had with the pineapple in syrup.
I suggest that you prepare and taste before serving then add sugar, being careful to not add too much which would alter the sweet-sour balance.

Hope that helps. :-))

tigga212, Jan 1, 4:11pm
Thanx :)