Bread Pudding

hsvchix, Jul 13, 7:56am
Has anyone got an easy Recipe for Bread Pudding Thansk

margyr, Jul 13, 8:00am
butter slices of bread, put some jam on them, into a greased baking dish and mix upmilkwith a beaten egg some sugar and some vanilla. bake at 150 till looking scrummy. have enough of the milk mixture to cover the bread.

elliehen, Jul 13, 9:54am
As margyr says, but you can add sultanas, and even use fruit bread (Tip Top style) for a variation.

vonedel2, Jul 13, 10:20am
Agree with the two, BUT don't add the white of the egg tho, only the yoke.

waswoods, Jul 13, 10:26am
Why not the white? I always use the whole egg. I also use apricot jam and a sprinkle of powdered ginger

vonedel2, Jul 13, 10:32am
I make it like my family have always done it, my Father was British and when making it told me never use the whites. So never did. each to their own :)

hemibond, Jul 13, 10:34am
mmmm bread pudding. yummy

vonedel2, Jul 13, 11:29am
You keep the whites for the yummie meringue on top.

wheelz, Jul 13, 11:46pm
another one is using croissants (instead of bread), chopped apricots (real ones if poss. the ones that look like ears and are 3x the $) and chocolate drops. Layer croissants, apricots and choc and knobs butter, sprinkling with sugar each layer and pour over beaten egg and milk... . . The bestest ever!

vampire10, Jul 14, 12:59am
yum yum yum yum bread and butter pudding its the best for using up the old bread and makes yum pudding i would agree with you there
vonedel2 just use the the yoke not the whites for some reason it better done that way. oh now i so want some lol :)

elliehen, Jul 14, 1:06am
Is 'Bread Pudding' (with sultanas) the same as 'Spotted Dick' the scourge of 1950s boarding school diningrooms?

lizab, Jul 14, 1:29am
no - spotted dick was a steamed pudding and yumm! ! ! !

ballito, Jul 14, 3:36am
I use egg but strain the beaten egg over the bread and leave to sit for about 30 minutes before baking.

socram, Jul 14, 5:39am
There is a difference between bread pudding and bread and butter pudding... Recipes above are for bread and butter pudding.
To add a touch of real richness to B & B pud, add a chopped Caramello bar to the middle layer, (and dried apricots soaked in rum... ).

elliehen, Oct 28, 7:14am
There's also an unusual dessert called 'Summer Pudding' which is made from white bread and berries, pressed into a mould. I haven't made it or eaten it, but it looks intriguing.

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