Tomato Paste ~ how long will it last in the fridge

darlingmole, Feb 17, 2:12am
Have an unopened tube of tomato paste and am wondering how long it'll last in the fridge once opened ... any idea?

lythande1, Feb 17, 2:42am
5 minutes usually.
What I do is freeze it, put it in your ice cube trays and just take out as required, much better than fretting about mold.

tiogapass, Feb 17, 3:13am
The stuff in the tube will last quite a while so long as the lid is on. Don't worry if a bit of clear 'juice' comes out next time you use it. some separation is normal.

rainrain1, Feb 17, 4:16am
Sh sh sh sh shake it first :-)

fisher, Feb 17, 4:41am
darlingmole... with the cap on... a good 6 months or so... It's in a tube... so wont go off. . same stuff I use... .

lilyfield, Feb 17, 8:30am
I buy large tins at Gilmores and tablespoon it on to gladwrap squares and freeze those little parcels. all together in a box. Dirt cheap that way.

vinee, Aug 15, 5:08pm
I've freezed it a container and you can just chip chunks off.
It doesn't freeze hard as.

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