Healthy Dinner Ideas?

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 22, 3:48am
Hi all im looking for some yummy recipes that are delicious and healthy... . im getting bored of my usual cooking so would like to try something different to spag bolognaise and so on. Any ideas? Dont be shy would love to hear your ideas.

kirinesha, Jun 22, 4:43am
You may need to define YOUR idea of healthy as there is considerable variance of opinion around here :)

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 22, 4:48am
anything with vegetables or so on. preferably nothing deep fried :P

nfh1, Jun 22, 4:56am
Try the Health Food Guide site. Lots of healthy recipes on there and they also 'make over' hat fat or high calorie recipes and make them healthier.

As Kirinesha says - one man's healthy is another man's unhealthy though. I suppose it depends what you want to cut down on or increase.

bedazzledjewels, Jun 22, 5:00am
There are also several good vegetarian recipe threads on here if that's where you interest lies.
Use the search function to the left of this page and select "anytime" in the drop down box.
If low carb interests you, also do a similar search.

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 22, 5:00am
awesome stuff thanks il have a read through.

barloo, Aug 29, 2:04am
You can make old favs healthy by adding greated veggies to them! !
Spag bolo, mince, stews etc can hide alot of vegies this way!
They will never ever know that its in there unless you tell them! ! hehehehe Tried and true here:)