Tomato puree

pjcat, Jun 21, 11:14pm
If I just put a can of chopped tomatoes in the blender will it come out as tomato puree?

pjcat, Jun 22, 8:14pm
What I mean is, you pay about $1. 00 for a can of chopped tomatoes and $2. 00 for a can of tomato puree. Can I achieve the same result by just blending the chopped tomatoes?

antoniab, Jun 22, 9:20pm
You would have to go further by reducing it on the stove as tomato puree is a lot more concentrated than just tinned tomatos.

stormbaby, Jun 23, 9:10am
I think the difference is between tomato puree, which is just pureed tomatoes and tomato paste, which is a concentrate. I freeze home made puree each summer, just by cooking up large pots of tomatoes and onions and putting them through a mouli. This removes the bulk of skin and seeds, giving a red puree. If you put tomatoes through a blender, the majority of the time you get a slightly orange sauce which can be a little more bitter instead of sweet as it contains the bulk of the seeds as well. Thats why a mouli is so good, it has different sized sieves in the bottom to separate out the seeds and skins.
Tomato paste is concentrated, boiled or heated down tomatoes, with a more intense flavour. I use that in spaghetti sauces to get a more intense flavour. You can also use it on the bases of pizza's, or get the pizza sauce styled paste which has more garlic in it.

cookessentials, Sep 17, 1:05pm
Tomato paste consists of tomatoes that have been cooked for several hours, strained and reduced to a thick, rich concentrate.
Tomato puree consists of tomatoes that have been cooked briefly and strained, resulting in a thick liquid. You will find quite a difference in taste by whizzing up canned tomatoes as opposed to using a paste or even a puree.

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