Lunchtime birthday party for kids and adults

chevvette, Jun 9, 3:17am
having a party for sons 3rd birthday. will be kids (various ages) and adults there. Any suggestions about what to have for lunch/pudding that will be easy and fun. Hoping to do a roast for cold/hot meat and the usual sausage rolls, cheerios. is going to be about 30+ people. TIA

deblet_, Jun 9, 4:33am
What about making those traffic light jellies in a plastic cup for he kids. Think you tip in some green jelly 1/3 fill, wait for it to set, pour in 1/3 orange wait and then red. Looks pretty effective. You could do a version for the adults hat was more like a single serve trifle - sponge, booze, red jelly, custard and cream. that would look cool in clear cups too

spunkbubble, Jul 21, 7:01am
Hot chips, bread and butter?
Fruit kebabs with yoghurt dipping?

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