Pork Pieces - not sweet and sour

mazzy1, May 22, 3:04am
I have googled and looked at past threads, but not keen on deep frying. I just want to find something easy but tasty for tonight. Can you bake these in the oven at all, or would they dry out too much? Any help would be appreciated!

eastie3, May 22, 3:13am
I do mine in the wok, and use very little oil. I don't know whether you don't want a sweet and sour recipe at all, or just because you think sweet and sour pork has to be deep fried.

mazzy1, May 22, 3:27am
No eastie - I love sweet and sour pork! How do you do yours?

morisco, May 22, 3:49am
Tonight we are having pork pieces made into a healthy stir-fry. As EASTIE3 says, it doesn't have to be deep-fried. Hubby uses a tiny bit of oil in the wok, and adds the pork, onion, and other vegies gradually, and I think at the end adds a bit of soy sauce (optional). If you haven't got a variety of vegies, our Fruit World does up broccoli, cauli, celery, carrot into a $2. 00 lot (saves buying a whole lot of different vegies - more than you can use easily). For extra economy, you can cut the pork up really small (goes a lot further). You can also add a bit of the silverbeet out of your garden, to make it go even further, and a few free-flow frozen sweetcorn for extra taste. Enjoy!

mazzy1, May 22, 3:52am
Is the pork nice and tender that way? How long does it take to cook properly? We don't have pork very often :-)

eastie3, May 22, 4:17am
I use an old AWW recipe. The trick is to have all ingreds prepared and ready to go, oven warmed and to stay at the wok. This isn't a recipe where you can wander off to watch tv or chase the kids !

Sweet and Sour Pork.

Chopped and sliced veges of your choice:red pepper, onions, celery, green beans, finely shredded cabbage etc, about 3 -4 cups.

Mix together 2tsp sugar, 1. 5TBS soy sauce, 1TBS dry sherry, an egg yolk and stir well. Place the pork pieces in the soy mixture. Cover and leave for an hour, to marinate, stir occasionally. Drain meat and reserve marinade, and coat meat in cornflour.

Heat oil in wok and add meat, stir fry until golden brown. remove from wok and keep warm.

Stir fry veges in a little more oil for a few minutes, remove and keep warm. Add the syrup, but not the fruit, from a 450g can of pineapple into the wok with the marinade from the meat, 2TBS tomato sauce, 2TBS soy sauce, 1/4c malt vinegar and a chicken stock cube. Blend 1. 5TBS cornflour with 1c water and stir sauce until it boils and thickens.

Add pineapple pieces, season with salt and pepper, and lastly add the cooked pork pieces, stir well and serve immediately.

mike1364, May 26, 10:13pm
Go to www.pork.co.nzheaps of recipes there.

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