Fruit Puff Lollies

jeanette12, Jan 16, 8:22am
Are these lollies still available anywhere? Need them for lolly cake. I know you can use eskimos but not the same as fruit puffs

clydris, Jan 16, 8:46am
I picked up a big bag of them just before Xmas for that exact reason. sorry I can't remember where I bought them though! But they are available somewhere

flagheaven, Jan 16, 8:50am
pac n save have them in the cheapo brand of bagged lollies.

timturtle, Jan 16, 8:50am

paora-tm, Jan 16, 9:12am

slimgym, Jan 16, 4:40pm
bin inn sells them

jeanette12, Jan 16, 6:19pm
Thanks for your replies have tried most of the shops above but no luck, may have to try other branches or the one in Chch

245sam, Jan 16, 8:55pm
jeanette12, I have not in recent times noted whether Fruit Puffs are or are not in the supermarkets but Bin Inn on Lincoln Road, Christchurch definitely have Fruit Puffs and another source is

Hope that helps. :-))

pjmels, Jan 17, 7:27am
I got a bag of them from Countdown on Monday. Haven't noticed them before so must be a new item. Hope this helps.

trishey, Jan 21, 6:25am
New World has them under the Pams brand. also got some at bin inn, but they were quite expensive.

tazdevil38, Jan 21, 8:09am
Pak n save have them in the Pams brand. I get them all the time to make lolly cake with

lynja, Jan 21, 6:15pm
Moore Wilsons sell them in a large bulk bag.

oasis24, Feb 2, 5:21pm
The Warehouse had them awhile ago but not sure if they still do.

albion2, Feb 6, 3:37am
I got them from New World

dairymaid, May 23, 5:30am
when I can find fruit puffs I use Eskimo lollies same mixture or astronaut lollies, The rainbow shop it Oamaru do bags of seconds really cheap you can phone or find on web

southerngurl, May 27, 6:15am

cleggyboy, May 28, 5:25am
The Lolly Shop sells lots of hard to get confectionary, but they know how to flog you on shipping. Also they have a minimum monatary amount for an order.

norse_westie, Sep 6, 5:41pm
Countdown has them in their bulk foods area. I bought some today. And they are GF to boot.

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