Thinking of making lemon honey

edlin, Nov 18, 7:53pm
But wonder how long it lasts in the fridge. Thought it might be handy to put in tart cases or muffins over Christmas but if I make it today will it keep until then please?

davidt4, Nov 18, 8:08pm
Lemon honey freezes perfectly.

lythande1, Nov 18, 11:22pm
It has eggs in it and it won't keep.

quiz3, Nov 19, 12:41am
Edmonds recipe, delicious.

edlin, Nov 19, 12:42am
Okay,I will freeze it. Thanks,I hadn't thought of that. Wonder what is in the commercially available stuff!

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 3:43am
microwave is nice can make bit later if you want nearer xmas

buzzy110, Nov 19, 4:49am
I'd listen to davidt4 but as an aside, when I make lemon honey/cheese/spread I use the Edmond's recipe with eggs (but I get fed up with stirring it forever over a pot of boiling water and invariably end up cooking it directly on the element at a low heat instead), decant into jars that I have boiling in a pot alongside, seal with lids that are also boiled and then when cold, store in the fridge. They have lasted me 18 months but need to be eaten within two weeks once opened.

I use tongs and wooden boards to prevent hands from getting burnt and jars from breaking on cold surfaces.

korbo, Nov 19, 7:06am
. not sure shy, but put mine in fridge and it went mouldy. maybe fridge was too cold.

sarahb5, Nov 20, 3:55am
Or jars and lids weren’t sterilised properly?

I made some of my microwave version at least 2 months ago and I’m still using it - yes there’s eggs in it but they’re cooked and I’ve kept it in the fridge since I made it

jbsouthland, Nov 20, 4:25am
The last batch I made . recipe said it will keep in the fridge for one month .
Used five lemons . made heaps but next time I will use my normal smaller recipe which usually gets eaten in under a week .

buzzy110, Nov 20, 4:38am
There could be several reasons for this. It is best to boil all of your jars and lids to sterilise them. I think you said you did this. Never wait for anything to cool down. The jam has to be bottled straight into hot jars immediately and lids put on straight from the boiling water. No pre-cooling. All utensils need the boiling treatment as well. I know that people use the oven but for me boiling water and working while everything is 'boiling' hot is the way I ensure food safety. Tongs and boiled and cooled teatowels are my friend when bottling.

wheelz, Nov 20, 7:03am
Make the quick and fuss free microwave one here too. lasts over a month in fridge. probably longer if it didn't get eaten!

valentino, Dec 2, 12:17pm
Ensuring lids are sealed is vital.

After all is well cooked and as buzzy noted into hot steralised jars when hot or straight from the cooking utensil.


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