How long does stewed fruit last?

awoftam, Sep 8, 2:08am
I stewed some tamarillos 2 weeks ago and popped them in the fridge, and forgot about them. They smell good, and no mould or anything; however I didn't put much sugar in them so wondering if they will still be okay to eat.

Google tells me 3 days only, but that seems very short?


maitredee, Sep 8, 3:19am
So long as there is no mould on them they should be fine. Taste a little first.

rainrain1, Sep 8, 5:52am
I wouldn't eat them after that long

awoftam, Sep 8, 6:04am
Yes. I have decided to biff them. A food can taste okay and still be 'bad' as anyone who has had food poisoning can attest to! I am annoyed with myself that I forgot them they were beautiful fruit such a waste.

samanya, Sep 8, 6:36am
I'd have eaten them after a taste test but my fridge does keep food well chilled.

jills3, Dec 28, 7:51am
Just my opinion, but if I find the stewed fruit has a tingly taste then I know its no good. I would imagine after 2 weeks it would taste tingly, if you know what I mean.

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