What to use Lemon Honey for

imajica, Oct 8, 4:43am
I have been given a jar of Lemon Honey. Other then a meringue pie, any other ideas please.

samanya, Oct 8, 5:42am
Toast, over ice cream, small tarts, by the spoonful. ;o)

245sam, Oct 8, 5:44am
Just a few thoughts. try it as a spread on bread or toast or scones - you may find that there is very little left to do anything with but remember that Lemon Honey is aka Lemon Curd (or sometimes as Lemon Butter) so anything you would use Lemon Curd for, you could use the Lemon Honey for. It is a yummy filling in muffins or lovely as a topping on pavlova.

Hope that helps. :-))

kaddiew, Oct 8, 6:03am
Swirl it through or mix into whipped cream, cream cheese, or yoghurt and fill small pastry tart shells.

slimgym, Oct 8, 6:12am
make lemon cup cake, dig a hole out and put lemon honey in, ice with meringue,

actiongirl1, Oct 8, 10:42am
I use it as an extra on my creamy rice pudding - yum

music_note, Oct 9, 10:03am
Make a plain or vanilla muffin recipe - put a spoonful into each muffin pan, a small teaspoonful of lemon honey, then cover it with muffin mix - bake as usual. A surprise to find when eaten.

crazynana, Oct 10, 3:56am
I mixed half a cup of curd with a small tub of mascarpone and put it in small tart cases topped with a slice of peach and a topping of whipped cream. yum

samanya, Dec 17, 12:43pm
Oh that does sound good.

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