Lemon jam

coolcort, Sep 8, 10:40am
Anyone got good recipes for lemon jam or jelly have a bucket of them to do something with thanks.

strowan1, Sep 8, 7:20pm
Here's a recipe for Lemon Honey, I haven't made it for years, but it's reliable and absolutely delicious. An older recipe, still in pounds and ounces.
8 ozs butter
2 1/2 pounds sugar
8 eggs
rind and juice of 8 lemons
Melt butter and sugar, then add beaten eggs, rind and juice of the lemons.
Cook in a double boiler over boiling water for 40 - 60 minutes, or until it thickens.
Good luck.

lythande1, Sep 8, 7:38pm
Lemon Jam would be marmalade?

pickles7, Sep 8, 8:38pm
Give the lemons away to a family, to juice. It is way cheaper to buy a jar of marmalade, than throw out heaps of sugar if you don't know what you are doing.

cleggyboy, Dec 27, 9:13pm
This is a very nice but cheap recipe if you have surplus lemons.
Lemon Carrot Marmalade
250g lemons (with skins) thinly sliced
250g grated carrots
1 litre water
1 kg sugar
Mix lemon, carrots and water and leave standing over night.
Put a lid on the pot and bring this mixture to the boil and let simmer for 1 1/2 hours.
Add the sugar and cook (without lid) until the jam sets.
Fill in sterile jars.

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