Freezing cauli/broccoli

psychicxpress, Jul 28, 10:55am
I've successfully frozen both broccoli and cauli by blanching in boiling water for a minute or so and dunking into ice water. I drain them well, lay them all out in a baking dish with baking paper between, cover and throw it in the freezer. Next morning I bag then and they are free flow frozen.
I'm just finishing off the last of the frozen ones now. There were no problems at all

lythande1, Jul 28, 7:15pm
Blanching helps, but unless you can flash freeze, you still get the enzymes. and flash freezing needs a colder freezer than you get at home.

jwn1, Jul 24, 4:07am
What has everyone found the best way of freezing broccoli and cauliflower - without the smell! I've frozen bags of cauli rice and broccoli florets raw, only to find even a few days later the smell is aweful and made the freezer and room smell aweful! I am about to blanche some and freeze. thoughts?

samanya, Jan 12, 5:02pm
I've frozen both when I have a glut, but I do add other garden vegetables that I have on hand to make a stir fry type mix & although I'd rather have fresh they turned out OK . no smell.
I've also frozen a heap of cauliflower 'pizza' bases & no smell.
However I haven't frozen either on their own.
Cauli rice wouldn't be too far different from the cauli 'pizza' bases I make, but I suppose the bases are cooked through first.
I haven't been much help, but maybe you might get an alternative idea.
Good luck.

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