pizza ideas please

vintagekitty, May 7, 7:31am
home made, whats your fave recipe? , I love hell, but trying to do the home made version. I love the "gourmet versions"

barloo, May 7, 7:58am
cheeses you like, mushroom, smoked chicken, corn, caps, real bacon or sausage or salami, pineapple, onion to name a few:) Oh and the fresh or dried herbs and garlic!

munrotti, May 7, 8:41am
try adding sliced mushrooms which have been smothered with garlic butter

deus701, May 7, 8:51am
venison and plum jelly
smoked chicken and apricot

lucy-and-ricky, May 7, 9:08am
We have spicy pizzas:

Tomato paste on the base, chicken breast marinated in Tabasco sauce, prawns/shrimps cooked in garlic, mushrooms, spring onion, corn kernals, olives, parmesan cheese, gherkins, cracked pepper and served with a wedge of lime.

Goes best with frozen margaritas :-D

dezzie, May 7, 9:31am
Cranberry, smoked chicken, a sprinkle of pine nuts and blobs of cream cheese

ruby19, May 7, 7:51pm
My fav`s are Caramelised onion, mushroom, blue cheese & chutney. Roast pumpkin & red onion (that has been roasted with ras le houte spice & garlic) and feta.

auntlb, Apr 10, 11:46am
Our fav is cajun chicken (coat chunks of chicken in flour and cajun spice then cook in pan before putting on top of pizza), mushroom and mozerella

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